Tofas Becomes Most Exporting Company to USA

tofaşTofas has achieved being the most exporting Turkish company to the USA with Ram ProMaster City model of Fiat Doblo vehicle in 2016.

Developed and produced in the northwestern province of Bursa, Turkey, Tofas has been the most exporting Turkish company in terms of Fiat Doblo’s Ram branded version under the name ProMaster City to the USA in 2016. Having reached totally $3,2 billion of exports and accomplishing foreign trade surplus worth $1 billion, Tofas has won the title featuring the most exporting company from Turkey to the USA in 2016. In his speech, recording the travel of Ram ProMaster City – which spans from Turkey to the USA – had assumed an outstanding duty for Turkish exports, Cengiz Eroldu, CEO of Tofas, said; “In 2016, the all Turkish automotive industry exported its products to the USA were $700 million in 2016. As Tofas, we exported the number of nearly 20 thousand unit Ram ProMaster City vehicles to the USA last year. This figure accounted for 7 percent of the total exports of Tofas. Our exports to the USA ranked atop with $275 million accounting for 4.2 percent in Turkey’s total exports.” “Doblo became export champion a few times” Reminding since 2000 when Doblo has been offered to the market to date, had become export champion a few times, Eroldu concluded, “Doblo has kept its place in terms of the bestseller models of Tofas every time. Having assumed a key role Turkey’s being global commercial vehicle production base, we have launched the exports of Doblo in the last quarter of 2014 to the USA and Canada under the brand of Ram PromMaster City. Accomplishing first time to the USA, our Doblo exports are a milestone in the history of Tofas.”Untitled-1

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