Geneva International Motor Show Performs Enormous Success


The Geneva International Motor Show exhibited once again an enormous success in the 87th edition held on 9-19 March 2017.

The Geneva International Motor Show had registered more than 690,000 entries as of two hours before the official closing on Sunday evening. This 87th edition was set in motion by the election of the Car of the Year, won by the Peugeot 3008, then the presentation of 175 new models and concept cars to a gathering of 10,700 media representatives from all over the world during the two Press Days, followed by the opening of the Show to the general public by the Swiss Federal Counsellor Mr. Johann Schneider-Amman, who underlined the importance of the automotive sector to the Swiss economy. Visitors had the pleasure of viewing more than 900 exciting vehicles on display within the framework of what has become the largest event for this country. The 88th edition of the Geneva International Motor Show will take place from March 8-18, 2018. “This 87th edition has been a great success! Our invitation to come and visit the Motor Show on weekdays has borne fruit.” Said Mr. Maurice Turrettini, President of the Motor Show. Mr. Andre Hefti, General Manager, explained: “We have registered more entries during the week compared to last year and a few less during the last weekend. The total number of entries is practically the same, but with a better quality of visit with less crowding. The reduced-price entries after 4:00 pm also proved to be very successful as well.” The final results for this 87th edition have also been considered to be very positive by the 180 exhibitors who expressed a high level of satisfaction during a survey taken to evaluate the organization and the functioning of the event. “The Geneva International Motor Show offers an irreplaceable communication platform for the major manufacturers and a notto- be-missed rendez-vous for potential buyers and everyone who appreciates exceptional car” concluded Mr. Maurice Turrettini.

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