Otokar Set Saving With Poyraz


Exporting buses to more than 40 countries Otokar has offered the bus Poyraz in the category of 27+1 seats following 2-year R&D study.

The leading automotive company of Turkey, Otokar has begun the year 2017 assertively. Exporting buses to more than 40 countries, Otokar has offered the bus Poyraz in category of 27+1 seats following 2-year R & D study. Otokar Poyraz bus is going to set for saving in 2017 through its low fuel consumption and operating expenditures. One of the companies of Koc Conglomerate, Otokar is raising its competition bar in the bus market. Owning the widest product gamut of Turkey ranging from 7 meters to 18.75 meters in length Otokar has introduced Poyraz buses which have been improved for the service purpose and tourism sector. Stating they had improved Poyraz bus for 2 years over the intensive demand from the sector, Basri Akgul, Deputy Director General of Otokar, recorded they would crown the success which came previously with Kent, Doruk and Sultan, the bus models of Otokar that features a pioneer establishment of Turkey for 50 years. Highlighting 27+1 seat bus would activate the market with its suitable initial investment, economic fuel consumption, low spare parts and operating expenditures, Akgul continued, “Thanks to our strong R & D, we as Otokar can be able to offer different vehicles to the market in line with customer expectations and needs in short time. Poyraz bus will meet the needs in the expectations of low fuel consumption in recent years. With its maneuver capability in city use, performance, innovative design, improved technique and safety features we will bring a new breath to the market in 2017 in the small and middle size bus segment. We maintain our studies seamlessly in order to meet all expectations of customers through Otokar’s R & D studies.” As the newest vehicle of its class, Poyraz has length of 7,2 meters. Securing supper road holding with the widest trace, Poyraz distinguishes from its rivals due to its strong, long-life and economic engine. Poyraz leaves behind its rivals with 112 kW, 493 Nm engine in 42 percent inclined ramp. Poyra has the lowest fuel consumption in its class with its light body design, optimized power packet and aerodynamic body. Having improved complying with Turkey’s entire road conditions, Poyraz can maneuver even in the narrowest streets with regard to the best minimum turning diameter. Poyraz buses offer super safety with lane tracking system, ABS, ESC, full aired brakes, engine and help brakes, curve balance arms, disc brakes in both front and rear. Possessing the most spacious vehicle title as height and wideness, Poyraz is going to start a new period in the transport sector with its ergonomic driver cockpit, control buttons, knee space and super safety equipment. Basri Akgul said Otokar had kept its leadership in the market despite constriction happened in 2016. He highlighted they also exported technology and license besides vehicles. Akgul also reminded they added new ones to their current markets in 2016.

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