Mayko Automotive Expands Production


Operating in the sector since 1977, Mayko Automotive is going to enlarge its production business and sales area in 2017.

Mayko Automotive has been operating in the sector since 1977. Operating in the area of manufacturing and exporting, the firm also manages its activities as wholesale. “As Mayko Automotive Trade Ltd. Inc. and Mayta Construction Tourism and Spare Parts, we have been working on manufacturing, wholesale and export business since 1977,” says the official of Mayko Automotive. Highlighting Mayko Automotive would go to a new structuring this year, the official of the firm said; “In 2017, we are going to address the new model vehicles by enlarging our manufacturing and mold departments. Operating in wholesales and exports, we also address the firms that deal with exports and wholesales; we can also manufacture parts for Mercedes and BMW brands on demand.”

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