Mercedes Benz Turk Enlarges Truck Plant Capacity

mercedesMercedes Benz Turk is going to double the truck plant capacity with investment worth 113 million
euro in the city of Aksaray by the end of 2018, as well as providing additional job for 1200 people

Last year breaking its own record by manufacturing 19,688 trucks, Mercedes Benz Turk plant in Aksaray has taken its first step to expand the capacity. The company is going to double its capacity investing worth 113 million euro. One of the biggest investments in the central Anatolia, Mercedes Benz Turk Truck plant in Aksaray began manufacturing in 1986 with 290 employees. Now the plant provides employment for 1800 people. Aiming the number of employee to raise gradually by 3,000 within 3 years, the plant administration foresees 75 percent of the new employees would be blue collar, the rest ones white color. The groundbreaking ceremony was held at the plant. Fikri Işık, Turkish Minister of Science Industry and Technology; Stefan Baaser, Finance and Controlling Director of Mercedes Benz Turk; Prof. Dr. Frank Lehmann, Director of Mercedes Benz Turk Truck Plant attended to the ceremony. In his speech, Minister Fikri Işık stated his enthusiasm due to the new investment groundbreaking ceremony in Aksaray, known as the holy persons’ city. He reminded Turkish automotive industry ranked first in manufacturing of bus and light commercial vehicle in Europe, second in truck manufacturing. Wishing that above mentioned feature of the sector would be tightened with this investment, Minister Işık continued; “Turkish automotive industry possesses a noteworthy potential, particularly in truck manufacturing. We, as the country, want to be an attraction center not only in manufacturing, but also in R & D and design. We know that Mercedes Benz gives a great importance to R & D studies; the firm’s R & D spending is some $6 billion per annum. We are also greatly pleased from the investments of Mercedes Benz to increase manufacturing capacity. We have begun discussions of R & D draft at the National Assembly. Mercedes Benz is one of the firms establishing R & D center earliest in 2009 in Turkey. Now 274 personals work at the R & D center. I would like to state this clearly and openly. We have been at the side of our industrialists which make investment, production and exports in this country every time; we will be at their side every time. Thus, I thank once again at your presence to Mercedes Benz making investment worth 113 million euro. We would like to highlight that we do not see themselves as a foreign investor, now they are from here, an investor from Aksaray.”

Mercedes Benz Turk Finance and Controlling Director Stefan Baaser, said; “Today this news conference and investment program with 113 million euro, we have launched with a groundbreaking ceremony means a new page for Aksaray plant. Aksaray Truck plant is ready to make more with its outfitting, knowledge level, experienced administrators and employees. We have been in truck production for long years in Turkey; we keep our market leadership in over 6 tons truck consecutively 14 years. In 2015, breaking our own record again we accomplished the sales number of 19,060 trucks. We believe in Turkey and Turkish people as Mercedes Benz Turk. Today, we are taking a new step together with you to turn this faith to successful businesses.” In his speech, Mercedes Benz Truck plant Director Prof. Dr. Frank Lehmann, said; “Aksaray Truck plant sustains its set of records. We will make manufacturing capacity twofold with this new investment thanks to new facilities, new machineries and equipment. We aim to reach higher production units by working three shifts in 2018. We are planning our high quality standard vehicles to be seen intensively in lots of countries in the world. For this we are strengthening our production continuously with new technologies, continue to optimize our processes.”

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