Interest In EVs Boosts In Turkish Market

interest-in-evsInterest in electric vehicles are increasing with every passing day due to featuring low cost charge advantage for longdistance driving and featuring zero emission and called car of the future

Having low cost charge advantage for driving longdistance and featuring zero emission and having called car of the future, electric vehicles are increasing its interest with every passing day. Interest in the EVs is increasing with every passing day regarding low cost charge that can take hundreds of kilometers. In 2014, as the number of 37 EVs sold in the first 11 months, as for the year 2015, the number of 102 EVs was sold in the same period in the Turkish market. According to the data, electric vehicles, with which drivers want to reduce fuel consumption, will be seen at traffic much more every year. According to the data released by the Turkish Automotive Distributors Association, Turkey’s automobile and light commercial vehicle market expanded 30.8 percent to the number of 811,844 units in the first 11 months in 2015 over the same period preceding year. The automobile sales reached by 611,256 units with 28 percent increase, the light commercial vehicle sales 39.8 percent to 200,588 units in this period, over the same period last year. The biggest growth in the sector happened in the electric vehicle sales with 175 percent in this period. In the first 11 months in 2015, 25 units fewer than 86 kW and 77 electric vehicles over 121 kW were sold in the Turkish market.

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