BMC Automotive Makes New Investment

bmc-automotiveThe new investment of BMC Automotive in the district of Karasu, Sakarya, to be made will contribute to employment and development of the region

The Council of Ministers has decided to allocate individual investment area in tShe district of Karasu, Sakarya the northwestern province. An area, of which boarders have been designated in the district of Karasu, has been allocated for investment to be carried out by BMC Automotive Industry and Trade Inc. The decision of the council of ministers for the giant defense industry investment has entered into force following issued in the official gazette of the Republic of Turkey. With a decision made over the writing from the Ministry of Science Industry and Technology, the real-estate remaining in the area which has been allocated to BMC Automotive Industry and Trade Inc. as an individual investment place will be nationalized by the ministry for the related investment. Following nationalization process of the real estate, the titledeed will be registered on behalf of Treasury. While the investment location of BMC provides job opportunity for the people in the region, it will also ensure contribution for the development of the region. BMC Executive Board Chairman Ethem Sancak has previously announced the facility to be installed in the district of Karasu. Indicating their aim was to enter into first 10 in terms of the defense industry in the world, Ethem Sancak said, “We wish the district of Karasu to accept us. It will be a very big investment for Karasu. Our dreams are far beyond the domestic made car. Karasu, along the Black Sea coastline and regarding its location position, is a crucial place.” Karasu Mayor Mehmet Ispiroglu said the district was a brightening star of Turkey, adding they were also ready for such a project. He also noted job opportunity would be provided for youths together with the investment of BMC.

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