EU Commercial Vehicle Market Up 7.6 Percent In January

3In January 2015, the EU market for new commercial vehicles returned to growth after registering a decline at the end of 2014.

Demand increased (+7.6%), totalling 142,596 units. A significant growth prevailed in all segments, including the truck and bus & coach segments which saw an increase, following a sharp decline the month before. Four of the five largest markets in Europe posted monthly gains, in particular Spain (+25.7%) and the UK (+23.6) recorded a double-digit growth

New Light Commercial Vehicles up to 3.5t – vans

In January 2015, new registrations of light commercial vehicles totalled 117,138 units, or 7.4% more than in January 2014, marking the seventeenth consecutive month of growth in this segment which accounts for the majority of sales in the commercial vehicle market. Spain (+31.2%), the UK (+21.7%), Italy (+2.4%) and Germany (+1.4%) contributed positively to the upturn, while France (-8.6%) performed less well than in January 2014.

New Heavy Commercial Vehicles over 16t

January 2015 results in the heavy truck sector were diverse, with France (-21.8%), Italy (-2.9%) and Spain (-2.4%) facing a downturn, while Germany (+22.3%) and the UK (+58.2%) p o s t e d double-digit growth. Overall, there was an expansion (+8.4%) across the region.

New Medium & Heavy Commercial Vehicles over 3.5t

In January 2015, results for trucks were similar to the heavy truck segment, with France (-20.5%) and Italy (-3.2%) performing less well than in January 2014, while Germany (+16.4%) and the UK (+35.1%) recorded a significant increase. Overall, the EU recorded 22,485 new trucks, or 6.7% more than in January 2014.

New Buses & Coaches over 3.5t

In January 2015, new buses and coaches registrations increased (+21.2%) compared to January 2014, probably due to the significant growth observed in most of the major markets. Italy (-12%) was the only one to face a downturn, while the UK (+61.6%), Spain (+52.2%), Germany (+17.1%) and France (+6.1%) performed better than in January 2014.

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