A New Mega Project For Istanbul

4Anew three-storey mega project will be constructed underneath the Marmara Sea to link the two sides of Istanbul

The three stories mega project will be built between the districts of Kucuksu in Asian side and Gayrettepe in Europe side. The mega project will be completed in 5 years and will cost $3,5 billion. Including two highways and 1 rail system the underneath sea project will evaluate time saving in the best way. The road that spans through the districts of Hasdal Umraniye-Camlık will be passed in 14 minutes, as for the road through the districts of Incirli-Sogutlucesme in 40 minutes. The three airports, the suspension bridges over the Istanbul strait and the key highways which connect them each other will raise time saving to maximum level as a full integrated project. The 9 rail systems run in Istanbul will be linked to each other. Also all main axles will be connected to each other. The Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, Bosporus Bridge and Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge will be linked to each other as a ring way. With this project, the highway passage that is needed by Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge and metro passage that will link Bosporus Bridge will also integrate through three stories mega project.

Speaking at the introduction meeting of the project Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu stated about the tunnel passage, “This project is an integration and complementary project. When we look at Turkey we see it as a whole. We always look at our surrounding through a complementary aspect. For this reason, when the population will surge by 18 million as of the future vision, after that daily movement raise by 35 million, we are determined to public transport from 11 to 20 million. All of the projects make complementary to each other. Marmaray, Eurasia Tunnel, metro constructions, Canal Istanbul and the third airport, third bridge, north Marmara highway…” The new route will shorten the journey time to 14 minutes between Arnavutkoy district on the European side and Kucuksu district on the Anatolian side, where the tunnel exits will be built. As for security in the tunnel, Davutoglu said fire detection and alarm systems and surveillance cameras will be placed all along its length as well as waiting spots every 500 meters. The railway level of the tunnel will also be equipped with automatic signaling and auto-deceleration and acceleration systems. The premier added that the tender bids for the project will be completed before the general election to be held on 7 June 2014.

He said they aim to complete the overall project and put the tunnel into service within five years. Davutoglu described the 6.5 km-long tunnel as the first of its kind in the world, as it is comprised of one rail system between two highways for motor vehicles 110 meters under the Bosporus Strait

Davutoglu announced that the transportation capacity of the tunnel will be 6.5 million passengers. He also touched upon the project’s green credentials, which is expected to curb the greenhouse gases by 110,000 tons a year. In his speech at the opening of the publicity meeting, Transportation, Maritime and Communications Minister Lutfi Elvan said the mega project is the product of around 10 months of intensive work where they analyzed Istanbul’s route profile and the demands of the passengers. Elvan emphasized that the tunnel will raise the role of railway system in public transportation.

The minister said the sub-sea tunnel will be constructed with a “build-operate-transfer model” — a form public-private￾partnership scheme — so “the state will not pay a single penny.”

Time saving

“Istanbul-Ankara high speed train together all of them are the matters which clinch the central position of Istanbul. The all main highways in Istanbul are going to link each other. The second feature of the project is time saving. The peoples of Istanbul have suffered traffic trouble much. Now, the time saving will be evaluated in the best way together with this project. The distance between Hasdal-Umraniye-Camlik will be passed in 14 minutes. The distance From Incirli to Sogutlucesme will be passed in 40 minutes. The three airports, bridges and the highways that link these to each other will reveal time saving as an integrated project. This project will not pose any damage to the silhouette of Istanbul at all.”

The project respects to Istanbul

“Thanks to this project, emission gases will reduce 115 thousand tons per annum. Without feeling a need to use a new land the traffic in Istanbul will ease. We discuss an integrated project; a project that respects to Istanbul.” Security thought up to the subtlest point As the fourth feature we mention a project of which security has been thought up to its thinnest detail. Fire sensor systems will be installed and will be monitored with cameras from every point

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