Elektrobit Powers First Driverless Bus On Public Roads

elektrobit-powerElektrobit (EB) and Mapscape, announced their contributions to WEpods, the world’s first completely autonomous shuttle buses that will use public roads.

Elektrobit (EB), a developer of cutting-edge, embedded technology solutions for the automotive industry, and Netherlands-based digital map provider Mapscape, announced their contributions to WEpods, the world’s first  completely autonomous shuttle buses that will use public roads. EB and Mapscape together provided an enhanced electronic horizon solution for assisting in motion prediction and path planning of the autonomous shuttle bus. Based in the Netherlands, WEpods is a community project in cooperation with the Dutch province of Gelderland and students from the Wageningen University & Research Centre and Delft University of Technology (TU Delft). The WEpods project was first introduced to the public on January 28th. Mapscape has provided an NDS (Navigation Data Standard) map database with comprehensive road geometry data that provides more detailed information for objects and pinpoint locations than standard map information. The enriched data from Mapscape is then delivered to EB’s electronic horizon solution, which generates highly precise positioning information in accordance with the open ADASIS v2 specification with a range of enhancements, such as lateral offset from the road center line. This electronic horizon data is continuously updated as the vehicle is driving autonomously. It is then interpreted by EB’s ADASIS v2 Reconstructor software module into information usable by the shuttle’s ECUs, enabling the driverless vehicle to prepare for and respond to real-world situations. In case of emergency, passengers can directly contact the WEpod control room from within the shuttle, which continuously monitors vehicle safety. Shuttle attendants will also be on board to assist passengers during the test phase.

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