Correct Luminaires Reduce Traffic Accident Risk

Untitled-1Low energy consumption and LED technology spreading quickly across the world and smart control systems have a great importance to prevent traffic accidents.

Many studies, which have been conducted for the last 40 years show the importance of luminaires installed along with roads and public areas for safety. Low energy consumption and LED technology spreading quickly across the world and smart control systems have a great importance to prevent traffic accidents. Drawing attention to safety in traffic, Zeynep Akkaya, Director General of Schreder Lighting, said; “Lighting in traffic is very important. According to the researches, at least 30% reduction has been set in traffic accidents on the roads where sufficient lighting exists. In terms of providing sufficient sight, lighting reduces the number and intensity of accidents in the noteworthy size. Also its role is to reduce crimes and to increase efficiency of security attendants. Having called as a lighting revolution in recent times, LED products and control systems have been in headliner position of smart cities. Schreder offers light solution on demand which operate through action perception system by uniting control systems with LED’s efficiency. Having integrated with smart control systems, speed perception in traffic and lighting is controlled by direction identifying sensors and thanks to this safety and energy saving is provided at traffic. Stating Schreder would offer different choices in the issue of managing and tracking besides controlling light, Akkaya said, “We have developed Owlet ensures efficiency in outdoor lighting. Nowadays, the number of smart devices used as network integration has exceeded the human population in the world and cities has begun to adopt the smart city concept. With the options which are offered by IOT control system are possible to be a part of the smart cities.” Indicating the new Owlet IOT platform – which was designed on effective usage of lighting and ensuring remote management system – would provide easy usage, Akkaya continued; “Transmitting information through every kind of sensor (weather, traffic, air quality), in this way as it raises outdoor lighting system performance to the upper level, it also becomes an element of the smart environment. Users can manage their energy infrastructures in a smart way via a dashboard having a user-friendly interface. Using this system at traffic and highways it is possible to control speeds of the vehicles, the system tips us in important issues.” This lighting solutions feature a solution partner offering many functions together.

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