Electric Car Project Advances Assertively

electric-car“The domestic made car project is progressing assertively; in 2019 electric vehicles and long-ranged vehicles will be at the market,” Fikri Işık, Turkish Minister

“We are advancing very assertively in the domestic made car. Turkish automotive industry will be able to manufacture its own electric vehicle featuring long range with its national operation system in 2019,” Fikri Işık, Turkish Minister of Science Industry and Technology, said. In his speech at the Session of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, marking there was a very intensive incentive mechanism in terms of technology, Minister Işık continued, “If a young entrepreneur has an opinion in the technology area, he or she can apply for the ‘Entrepreneurship Capital Support Program’. The assessment of the project is managed by an academician with 5-person. If the project is approved by the academic team, we grand monetary support up to TL150 thousand to the students, young entrepreneurs for this year.” Reminding the Turkish scientific research organization ‘TUBITAK’ was experiencing a period focusing mostly on science, Minister Işık highlighted now TUBITAK is obtaining significant successes in the defense industry and energy projects. Işık continued, “TUBITAK is managing 98% domestic made of wind energy tribune, also solar energy system has entered into force, a 10-megawatt solar plant was installed in the district of Ceylanpinar, Sanliurfa province, meanwhile a 3-megawatt solar plant will be installed in Karapinar the district of Konya province.” Indicating TUBITAK had focused completely on science, as for the domestic made car Minister Işık said, “We are advancing very assertively in the domestic made car. Turkish automotive sector will possess its own national operation system in 2019, and will offer its electric vehicles to the market including long ranged electric vehicles. Turkey will be an assertive country in the new technologies. On the other hand, we are exerting efforts for the vehicle design, on the one side we try to adapt TUBITAK’s and Turkey’s respective technologies onto the domestic made automobile. Within upcoming a few years, 70 percent of the components currently used, will not be replaced at all. So, Turkish automotive supplier industry must adjust itself to the new technologies. I hope, we will manufacture the domestic made car with the new technologies. We will let a Turkish brand to run on roads worldwide.”

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