Automotive Exports Sustain Increase


Beginning the year speedily, the sector exports surged 12 percent in February, the automotive exports also performed last ten-year high in terms of February months.

Beginning the new year speedily, the Turkish automotive exports also performed 12 percent increase in February. In the exports, the sector has also performed the best in last decade in terms of February months. As the leading sector in the Turkish exports, the automotive sector performed last ten-year high in the sector exports in February 2017, according to the data from Uludag Automotive Industry Exporters Association (UIB). Sustaining its export success over $2 billion for the consecutive 5 months, the share of the sector in the Turkey’s overall exports became 20%. In the product-based, the passenger automobile exports increased 60% to $932 million, as for the automotive supplier exports decreased 3% to $735 million, special purpose vehicle exports became $384 million with 18% plunge. As for the exports in bus-minibus-midibus remained in the same level with last year worth $127 million in February 2017. The supplier industry exports increased 6% shipped to Germany and 38% to Iran, the exports in this group decreased 16% to France, 13% to Italy and 27% to the USA. In the passenger cars, the automotive sector exports surged 57% to Italy, 33% to France, 65% to Germany, 55% to the UK and 203% to the USA respectively. The special purpose vehicle exports shipped to the UK decreased 22%, 25% to Slovenia, 56% to Germany and 45% to the Netherlands; meanwhile the exports in this category increased 27% to Italy, 100% to USA. The exports of bus-minibus-midibus group increased 43% to France; however the exports in this group decreased 48% to Germany, 24% to the UK. In February the sector exports slightly decreased 1% to $335 million to Germany which is regraded the biggest market of the sector, but increased 32% to $258 million shipped to Italy, and then 16% increase to $249 million in France. In the exports performance to Italy, 57% increase in passenger car exports, 27% in special purpose exports have been effective. As for The exports to France, the passenger car exports increased 33%, bus-minibus-midibus exports increased 43%. The sector exports to USA increased 49%, 30% to Poland, 69% to Sweden, 119% to Israel and 87% to Iran; however decreased 10% to Morocco. The basic factor in increase to the USA was the passenger car exports with 203% in February.

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