TEMSA Deliveries 22 Buses To France


Achieving success one after the other in the export markets, TEMSA Branded buses continue to be favorite of the French transporters.

The leading brand of Turkey’s bus market, TEMSA also achieves success one after the other in the export market. Realizing exports to 66 countries, TEMSA maintains to augment the number of buses in France which takes place among the firm’s strong markets. In 2016, accomplishing the number of 179 unit buses to France, TEMSA has also begun the year 2017 hastily and 22 buses were delivered to France in January 2017. Pointing out that they would advance with safe steps in the French bus market, Kadri Ozgunes, Sales and Marketing Director of TEMSA Buses, said; “TEMSA buses continues to be a favorite of the French highway carriers. In January, we obtained the sales of 22 buses at the French market. Our sales level in January is one of the most important indicators that we will be exceeding the sales number of 179 unit buses realized in 2016. We advance with safe steps on the way to surpass 5 thousand units on the French roads through our upcoming deliveries. As in the home market, also in the market abroad, TEMSA continues to offer the most convenient vehicles for customers’ needs to the markets and add earnings to its business partners during operating processes. TEMSA’s buses – which are manufactured through efforts and works of the Turkish labors and engineers – serve in 66 countries across the world. TEMSA will continue to be proud of our country in the upcoming period as in the past.”


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