Automotive Exports Foresee All-Time Record

“In 2017, we can predict the all-time records in the automotive exports accomplishing worth $27 billion or over”, Orhan Sabuncu, the head of Uludag Automotive Industry Exporters Association (OIB)

Sabuncu expected all-time record by the Turkish automotive industry with the exports worth $27 or over billion in 2017.

The Turkish automotive industry foresees a record in the exports this year. Earlier the automotive sector had achieved its highest foreign sales in 2008 with $24,7 billion, this year the sector tries to set a new record that was not accomplished to date. In his announcement Sabuncu said being $17 billion 76 million 789 thousand in the first 9 months last year, this year in this period the sector exports raised 22 percent to $20 billion 772 million 791 thousand.

We expect over the target set for 2017

Pointing out performance of the automotive sector Sabuncu recorded; “In January-September 2017, the automotive industry has reached monthly export worth $2,3 billion on average with 22 percent increase. In March 2017, the sector broke record of all-times with $2,7 billion in monthly base. In May and June months the sector has also set record over $2,5 billion.”

Stating they have guessed the sector exports would exceed the year-end target, Sabuncu continued; “So, we can expect the exports over $27 billion or over it as of the year-end. This might be all times record in the automotive industry exports.”

Sabuncu indicated the biggest share belonged to the passenger cars in the automotive exports.

“In January – September 2017, 50 percent increase in the passenger car exports has emerged as the basic determinative factor. The share of the passenger cars in the automotive exports became 42 percent. As for the other main product groups, the exports increase have continued even being the single digit. As third-fourth of the year remained behind the automotive supplier exports increased 5 percent, bus-minibus-coach exports 7 percent.”

Sabuncu also highlighted the new models manufactured in Turkey have played driving force in the exports increase especially in the passenger cars.

He added that continuing growth in the EU market has also reflected positively to the sector exports.

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