See, Touch, Hear, Feel

Turkey’s automobile, motorized vehicles and motor sports festival. 

“Festival of Motoring Istanbul” which will be organized by Messe Frankfurt and Intercity İstanbul Park by cooperation with Goodwood Corporation has been launched. The festival which is planned to be made in the third quarter of 2018 will be organized for the first time.

Messe Frankfurt is the wolrd’s oldest official exhibition organizator due to its 777-year history and it is cooperating with Turkey’s biggest fleet leasing company Intercity which celebrates its 25th anniversary in one of the world’d most beautiful and equipped track Intercity Istanbul Park. Goodwood which is the organizator of “Festival of Speed” and is the oldest and greatest ijn its field, supports this cooperation in terms of consultancy and content.

The launch which was realized on 23rd of November in Intercity Istanbul Park, has been followed up with great insterest by press members besides pioneer companies of the field and professionals.

Vice President Michael Johannes on behalf of Messe Frankfur, Chairman Vural Ak on behalf of Intercity İstanbul Park, Project Manager James Bebbington on behalf of Goodwood Corporation and General Manager Tayfun Yardim ob behalf of Messe Frankfurt Istanbul participated in the launch organized by Messe Frankfurt and Intercity Istanbul Park.

The meeting which caused great excitement started with the speech of Intercity Istanbul Chairman Vural Ak. Vural Ak stated that it is their great pleasure to host this big organization in Istanbul Park and to be one of the organizers of this huge project which will be the first in Turkey and in the region.

Messe Frankfurt Istanbul General Manager Tayfun Yardim gave detailed information about the festival’s content. Yardim said in his speech; “We are excited to realize an organization which includes different things for the first time in Turkey. Festival of Motoring is in fact a family festival which addresses the senses. We are expecting everybody who wants to see, hear, touch and feel in our festival in order to experience it”.

A first will be realized in 2018 in our country

‘’Festival of Motoring’’ is planned to be realized in 2018 and will address all senses:

SEE – Besides any kind of updated and classic motorized vehicle, it will be organized with a wide range from race boats to classic tractors; from aviation shows to world record trials.

TOUCH – Out of the classic exhibition logic, almost all vehicles which are exhibited and used in shows will be displayed in exhibition areas open to public.

HEAR – All exhibited vehicles will be used in alternative tracks and different activities in order to feast the ears. Besides, the tired ears will have rest via conecrts and live music recitals in different points.

FEEL – Besides test drives, race and test pilots, visitors will personally experience the action with guest tours, driving schools, go-kart, simulator and many other surprise activities.

TASTE – Our guests will be offered exclusive samples of our country’s rich cuisine and the world’s outstanding tastes in diferent café-restaurants and special lounges.

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Intercity has regional managements, service points and second hand sale points in Istanbul, which is its center, and in Izmir, Ankara, Adana, Bursa, Samsun, Fethiye and Antalya.

At the same time, it is the leader second hand vehicle selling company since it sells approximately 20.000-second hand vehicles annually in these areas. Intercity’s professional staff includes more than 650 persons and it is still the leader of sector with a market share of 15%.

Intercity acquired the operation rights of Istanbul Park, which is considered as one of the world’s best Formula 1TM tracks, at the end of 2012. The corroding facility has been granted to the economy and automobile world. An additional investment of approximately 100 million Dollars has been made for the track and the given services.

Under the management of Intercity; Istanbul Park track became an automotive, motor sports, Re&Dev and attraction center of the world’s most prestigious activities, active for 365 days, focused on our country’s most important traffic accidents prevention and safe driving training according to international standards.

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