Turkish Automotive Suppliers See Great Interest In Germany


Turkish automotive supplier industry firms participated in the 9th International Automotive Supplier Fair held in the German city of Wolfsburg in October, displaying lots of products ranging from brake systems to Electric components and fluid transfer.

Uludag Automotive Industrialists Association (OIB) joined the 9th International Automotive Suppliers Fair (IZB) as national participation from Turkey held from 18th to 20th October 2016 in the German city of Wolfsburg. Seeing great interest in the fair regarding Participating in the fair with the OIB, Turkish automotive firms have accomplished noticeable connections in terms of business cooperation and exports. The Turkish firms displayed lots of products ranging from brake systems to electric components and fluid transfer. Turkish Automotive Industry was represented by the total of 19 firms, of these 10 ones were national, 9 individual participations at IZB Wolfsburg 9th International Automotive Suppliers Fair. Seeing a great interest in the fair via the OIB, Turkish automotive firms have realized significant connections for business cooperation and exports. In the scope of the organization, the member of the OIB has found opportunity to evaluate negations and business cooperation primarily with Volkswagen and the many representatives of other automotive industry. Joining the fair, the OIB Executive Board Member Ali Ihsan Yesilova and Audit Board Member of the OIB Hasan Kumru, Mehmet Gunay, Turkey’s Embassy to Hanover and Ruhi Deniz, Trade Consultant to Hannover visited the stands and negotiated with participant firms’ representatives. Turkish automotive supplier industry firms saw big interest Over 800 supplier firms of the world from 30 countries joined the specialization fair. Turkish supplier industrialists took place in the most participant countries together with Germany, Italy, Spain and Portugal. The firms have achieved important business and export cooperation through bilateral negotiations. The Turkish firms exhibited lots of products such as brake systems, electric components, fluid transfer systems, air-conditioning systems, connection elements and steering parts at the fair.

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