Automotive Firms Speed Up Sales Campaign


Automotive firms in the effort to achieve the sales objective in the last quarter which has been set at the beginning of the year.

The automotive firms try to boost their sales complying with the targets set for this year offering various alternatives and attractive opportunities, so the aim is to increase sales by the end of the year. Aydin Erkoc, head of Turkey’s Motor Vehicle Sellers Federation (MASFED), said that the automotive firms have speeded up the sales campaign and discount implementation to achieve the year-end sales program. Indicating the automobile dealers which have been struggling to accomplish the year-end targets together with alternative and attractive prices, Erkoc recorded the planned approach would bring activity to the sales of new automobiles. Reminding customers have also been impressed with the campaigns directed towards new automobiles, Erkoc said, “The discounts and zero interest to be applied up to 20-month-period in the new automobiles’ prices might attract customers towards year-end.” Stating they would also expect activity in both new and secondhand automobiles in the last quarter of the year, Erkoc continued, “Everybody buys vehicles fitting to their income levels. In new year, the market will be active because quite high demand. Currently there are over 20 million vehicles in Turkey and every year 5 million of these vehicles handed over. Especially, the secondhand market is fairly active. Also the number of new vehicles increases with every passing day.”

“We wish interest rates in automobile loans to drop” ad

Erkoc said they would expect decrease in the vehicle loan interest rates in order to increase dynamism in the automotive market as in the housing market. Pointing out 35 thousand people would obtain their subsistence via automobile trade in Turkey, he said, none of them sees support in this issue. Well currently the government has serious problems, troubles regarding current situation in our region. However we wish decrease in the automobile interest loan rates to stimulate the market and trade.”

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