Ford Otosan Introduces Ford’s New Face To Customers


Ford Otosan announced its new concept in its product portfolio, sales and aftersales strategy identifying “A Unique”

Ford Otosan introduces the new face of Ford to its customers, said Ozgur Yuceturk, Deputy Director General of Ford Otosan responsible for Marketing, Sales and Aftermarket. Yuceturk briefed about the automotive sector and Ford Otosan in the new approach of Ford called “A Unique”. Sharing the new sales and aftersales services of Ford directed towards its customers, Yuceturk said, “Since the establishment onwards, we have appeared in front of our customers with the products and services beyond the expectations. In the upcoming period we will continue to appear with “A Unique” approach.” About the issue Yuceturk continued, “We will introduce our customers with the new face of Ford. We will continue to strength our brand perception with new and prestigious portfolio that added to our wide product gamut responds to different needs. Our modern and sportive face, technology and more equipment mentality allow our vehicles range atop in their classes. When said Ford, a brave and exciting brand, which advances ahead with the technologies, safety, equipment and designs, will come to mind. We will let our current and new customers look at Ford trough another perspective. We will unit this with ‘excellent’ customer experience. We will provide to enjoy a uniqueness which make them feel well, innovation without problem and make happy from the meeting moment with Ford. As of our current point we have achieved, we want our customers to be ready to see a more excitement, more dynamic and braver brand.” “We let our customers meet with 16 new models” Reminding Ford had offered its enthusiastic new models to the market since 2015 with a steady upward-tempo, Yuceturk recorded the new model diversity -which would be offered to the market in terms ford1of global meaning – excites the Ford Otosan family. “As Ford Otosan since 2015 onwards, our 16 new models have met with our customers. We addressed a wide various customer mass having different admiration and wishes. In the future vision of Ford, particularly 12 performance automobiles to be offered to sales by 2020 and other models will enlarge our diversity customer mass more fairly,” he noted. Stating the dealers had been shaped to reflect in a way the new of Ford, Yuceturk said, “We named ‘New concept’ as FordStore. FordStore is a new customer experiment application in Europe. We have determined three points in Turkey; Istanbul Sahsuvaroglu, Ankara Tur Oto and Antalya Bilaller to implement FordStore concept. He said they had evolved the five-sense project and commissioned at all showrooms to raise customer satisfaction to the upper level.

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