Mandatory Winter Tire Starts As Of 1st Dec.

Use of mandatory winter tire starts as of 1st December, “We call for all drivers to be sensible about the winter tire and make necessary preparations,” Turkey’s Tire Industrialists and Importers Association (LASID)

Tire is the principal condition of safe driving. We should use true tire in true time. The winter tires contribute safe traffic securing more road holding and more braking distance. Mandatory winter tire implementation started on 1st December. “We call for all drivers to be sensible for the winter tire and make necessary preparations,” Tire Industrialists and Importers Association (LASID).

Tire is one of the foremost parts in a vehicle that connects us and our relatives onto road. A true tire is a principal condition of safe driving, as for the tire is not true can be a threat for safe traffic. LASID warns about use of true tire in true time.

The Ministry of Transport, Maritime and Communication posting an announcement on 25th September 2017 about decree which has been issued in the official gazette on 1st April 2017 concerning rules and principles of Mandatory Winter Tire, reminded that use of winter tires of the motor vehicles which transport cargo and passengers between 1st December and 1st April months is a mandatory rule. In addition, in the statement of the minister there is also suggestion for special vehicles in the winter conditions for goods safety and safe travel. The necessary announcements will be issued by province governorship taking into consideration the temperature under +7 degree Celsius in use of winter tires.

Stating the winter tires are produced specially for the weather conditions under +7 degree Celsius and wet, snowy and icy roads, regarding their special mixture, design holding road more and securing shorter braking distance, the officials of LASID said; “We call for not only drivers of commercial vehicles, but also all drivers to be sensitive for use of winter tires. Before winter coming, we suggest the necessary preparations to be made. Regarding safety and traffic stream, use of winter tires carries importance. We should not forget, true tire is a principal condition of safe drive.”

Why winter tire?

Brake distance and road holding in the weather temperatures underneath +7 degree Celsius lead to performance decrease of motor vehicles. In order to remove these negativities, the tires which are equipped with the techniques complying with winter conditions are named winter tires. In the winter conditions offering higher road holding and shorter braking distance, these tires secure traffic safer and streamer on highways. So, our life and goods safety face lesser risk.

What are advantages of winter tires?

  • Thread depth of winter tires has more deepness.
  • Fullness rate in winter tires lesser than standard tires. So water, snow, ice and mud are removed easily.
  • Winter tires have capillary vein and threaded blocks. This structure secures additional traction on snowy, slurry, muddy surfaces.
  • Winter tires do not get hardness and keep holding feature underneath +7 degree C thanks to silica in its ingredient.



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