Kordsa Edits Third Sustainability Report

Kordsa has issued its third sustainable report which analyzes company’s social, economic and environmental performance in 2016

A leader of tire, construction reinforcement and composite technologies, Kordsa has issued its Sustainability Report which analyzes social, economic and environmental performance of the company in 2016. Acting with commitment to strengthen life, the third sustainability report of Kordsa has been set for compliance with the new standards that issued by Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) in 2016. Kordsa takes place in the first global 100 companies which prepare report complying with these standards.

A subsidiary company of Sabanci Holding, the third sustainability report of Kordsa reflects mission of “reinforcing future” and R & D studies in its operating markets, and as a result of these studies its innovative products, supplier technology and processes, energy mission, environment management, waste and water management as well as biodiversity.

Conducting its activities complying with international standards in the light of the United Nations Global Principles Agreement, as Kordsa’s sustainability report reflects its global business understanding in a clear way, it also put forward transparency and responsible management understanding. While the report constitutes a base to determine of priority and potential areas, constituting strategies for the future, also gives place to model applications.

The report also said that Kordsa has been included in BIST Sustainable Index of Istanbul Stock Exchange in which 43 companies being traded and having upper level institutional sustainable performance, with “Labor Safety Center” indicates ‘days without accident goal’, “innovative technologies in the scope of green products program and works made in the framework of environment management. The report also mentioned the Composite Technologies Excellency Center that approved by the Ministry as R & D center which was set up to produce reinforcement technologies for the future as well as featuring the first example of university-industry cooperation.

Currently reinforcing 1 of 3 automobile tires and 2 of 3 aircraft tires, Kordsa improves innovative technologies so as to let mobility become sustainable more. Reducing friction resistance through tire reinforcement technologies, Kordsa ensures vehicles to be lighter with composite technologies. With these technologies it provides reduction of fuel consumption which very crucial for sustainability. Kordsa has signed an agreement with Continental as one of leading cooperation in the sector to produce more safety, healthier and more environmental products.

Kordsa has been working on a formula since 2008 to be alternative to the formula based on resorcinol and formaldehyde. So, Kordsa has achieved to replace the formula which was used for 80 years with an eco-friendly formula merging its expertise and experience with continental. Kordsa has 32 inventions achieved in 2016 and 103 patents of which application has been done. Putting R & D and innovation base of its business processes, Kordsa sustains its innovation leadership in the global reinforcement market totally with its 458 patent applications and some 150 inventions, according to the statement of the firm.

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