Turkish Mechanical Engineers have improved remote control tow-truck to pull tramways when the vehicles are out of order

Over the demand from Metro Istanbul, a subsidiary company of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, the two mechanical engineers Kemal Yusuf Tosun and Kadir Oney have improved the Electric Maneuver Vehicle (EMA 150) at the end of 12-year of R & D studies including the software.

Having tested in tramways of SAMULAS, the subsidiary company of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, the tow truck achieved the test. The remote control EMA 150 will be used for out of order tramways which serve in the structure of Metro Istanbul.

Engineer Tosun said they have produced the tow truck completely with national and domestic possibilities.

Telling all components, software and equipment had been produced by the Turkish engineers in Turkey, he added EMA 150 was a domestic made vehicle.

Tosun indicated the vehicle had 5 speed transmissions and reaches by 30 kilometers/hour.

“In Turkey, we are the only producer of this vehicle. For this reason, we feel proud. We can transform the vehicle to be suitable for all business enterprises. The vehicle was designed conforming to the needs of enterprises. As its peers costing 457 thousand euro in Europe, we made it costs TL350 thousand,” Tosun said.

EMA 150 is used in order to pull tramways from their place when electricity cut off to make maintenance and repair. Our vehicle can be control from a distance of 80 meters. Once the connection cut off with the vehicle it closes itself. The work safety is considered in the highest level. The vehicle protects itself in every condition. The pulling capacity of the vehicle is between 150-200 tons. The vehicle is charged in 5 hours and 60 days can be used, he noted.

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