Turkish Automotive Sector Represented In Brazil

4Turkish automotive sector has increasing its effect in Latin American market joining the fairs as the national participation with every passing year.

A leading automotive fair of Latin America, Automec 2017 was held in Sao Paulo. Turkish automotive industrialists joined the fair as the second big participant with 19 firms and promotion stands following Chinese participants. Turkish automotive industry participated with 19 firms in the international spare parts and component fair held in Sao Paulo, Brazil. With the organization of Uludag Automotive Industry Exporters Association (OIB), the Turkish promotion stand drew attention of the visitors. Yasin Akdere, Member of Audit of the OIB, in his statement said they participated in the biggest automotive supplier fair of South America with 19 firms and promotion stand including a space of360 sqm. Totally, the number of 800 participants took place at the fair of which 350 were foreign and 450 were from Brazil. He added they joined the fair sixth time since 2010. Highlighting they had become second big participant following Chinese participants, Akdere said, “As the Turkish automotive exporters union, we realize every kind of help and organization for our participant firms in order to let our firms to get share from the Brazilian market. Satisfaction and feedbacks that we have seen until now are in the direction that organization has become successful and its results would be also positive. In this meaning, I hope we will get remarkable results from the fair.” National participation surges Turkish effect at the fairs The Turkish businessperson Altug Demir who came from Chile said that Turkey’s investment in Chile was continuing increasingly with every passing year. “The Turkish firms especially in the automotive supplier industry have been in competition in Latin America region with Chinese firms in terms of confidence and price,” he added. The Turkish businessman Umut Eker lives in Brazil said following defense industry fair held in Rio de Janeiro Turkish automotive sector landed in Brazil with a record participation. He added Turkish effect has increased in Latin America along with every fair in the scope of national participation.

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