Turkish Automotive Exports Rank 19th In 2015


Turkish automotive industry ranked 19th in exporting countries of the sector across the World countries in 2015.

In 2015, while Germany ranks atop in the automotive industry exports with $236 billion of the global sector exports totally were $1 trillion 308 billion, Turkey ranks 19th across the world. The automotive product exports accomplished $1 trillion 308 million in 2015 across the world. Last year, Turkish automotive industry ranked 19th in automotive exporting countries of the sector in the world countries. The share of the German automotive firms got 18 percent with $235,8 billion of the exports across the world in 2015, according to the data posted by Turkish Statistical Institute (TurkStat). The first 20 automotive product exporting countries are Germany, Japan, the USA, Mexica, South Korea, China, Canada, Spain, the UK, France, Belgium, Italy, Czech Republic, tamirThailand, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, the Netherlands, Turkey and Sweden respectively in 2015. Turkish automotive industry accomplished its exports mostly to the European Union countries. According to the data in 2015, Turkish automotive industry sold 77.6 percent of its products to the EU countries, 7 percent to surrounding and Mideast countries, 3.8 percent to North Africa countries, 3.7 percent to North America countries, 7.9 percent to other countries. In 2015, Turkish automotive industry exported to 176 countries. Last year, the sector mostly exported to France with 12.8 percent and $880 million. This country followed by the UK with 12 percent and $824 million, Italy with 11.3 percent and $778 million, Germany with 9.1 percent and $628 million, Spain with 7.2 percent and $494 million respectively.

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