Demand For Luxury Cars Up 20% In Sept


Plunging slightly in the first nine months this year, the sales of luxury E and F segment automobiles have surged 20 percent in September 2016.

The sales of luxury and ultra-luxury showed 20 percent rise in September 2016 compared to the same month last year in the Turkish market. The number of 18,708 unit vehicles in the segment of luxury E and ultra-luxury F were sold in the first 9 months this year in the domestic market. This shows that interest in the segment did not reduce regarding increasing 20 percent in September 2016. In September 2016, the sales of E segment increased 23 percent to 1,585 units; the sales in ultra-luxury segment F upped 10 percent to 382. While a total of 1967 luxury vehicles sold in Sept.16, last year the number were 1,560 units in the same month, according to the data from Turkish Automotive Distributors Association (ODD). The automobile market surged 9 percent, light commercial vehicle market constricted 4 percent, meanwhile the sales of luxury and ultra-luxury cars raised 20 percent. The sales number of the luxury and ultra-luxury vehicles became 18,708 units in the first 9 months. This figüre was 19,192 units in the first 9 months last year that indicated narrowing 2.5 percent over the last year. Mercedes Benz E series was the most sold car with 5,215 units in the first 9 months. In ultra-luxury F segment, Audi X5 ranked atop with the number of 1628 units in this period. In F segment, 972 units BMW, 847 units Mercedes Benz, 562 Land Rover, 358 Volvo, 243 units Audi, 175 units Porsche, 90 units Toyota, 65 Jeeps, 40 Jaguars, 25 Aston Martins, 14 Maseratis, 13 Ferraris, 10 Mitsubishis, 6 Lamborghinis, 6 Bentley, 3 Alfa Romeos, 2 Infiniti models were sold in the first 9 months this year. As for luxury E segment, Mercedes-Benz sold 5,628, BMW 4,813, Audi 1.898, Land Rover 1.007, Volvo 726, Porsche 324, Jeep 272, Jaguar 172, Volkswagen 95, Subaru 88, Ssangyong 86, Fiat 73, Seat 40, Ford 20, Maserati 19, Lexus 16 units this period.

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