Turkey’s Temsa exports electric buses to Belgium

Total bus exports to Belgium will reach 40 units in 2021

Automotive manufacturing company Temsa, a joint company of Turkish conglomerate Sabancı Holding and the Netherlands-based PPF Group, exported electric buses to Belgium. Following its first electric bus export to Sweden, TEMSA, a Sabancı Holding – PPF Group subsidiary, delivered its first shipment of LD 12 SB PLUS model buses  to Belgium, the center of the European Union. TEMSA CEO Tolga Kaan Doğancıoğlu said, “TEMSA is ramping up to play a more significant role not only in Turkish market, but in the global arena. Our LD 12 SB PLUS exports to Belgium is a key indicator that will create new opportunities in the Benelux market and will raise brand awareness!”

As part of the first delivery, four buses were exported to Belgium, while in April, an additional 22 buses will be exported and the total exports will reach 40 units in 2021.

Doğancıoğlu, whose views were included in the company statement said: “It was very meaningful for us that Temsa made its first electric vehicle export to Sweden. We are very happy that Belgium is our second export route after a few weeks.”

He said that the vehicles they produce in the southern Turkish province of Adana will be on the roads of a country that will play an important role in terms of future exports in neighboring countries like Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg.

“We design the next generation mobility solutions of tomorrow with our wide range of products covering all segments with R&D studies, where we allocate approximately 5% of our turnover every year, and we continue to work for a better future with the vision of smart mobility that shapes the future,” he said.

Temsa’s vehicles, produced with domestic engineering capacity, are used in 66 countries globally, the press release stressed.