Turkey’s technical textile exports set republic-history record!

Technical textiles that take place in our lives in a widespread area from medical textiles to automotive industry, from defense industry to geotextile products, from composite materials to smart textiles; the sector broke the highest export record of all times with an export of 1.2 billion dollars in the first half of 2020.

Ahmet Öksüz, İTHİB Chairman of the Board

İTHİB Chairman of the Board Ahmet Öksüz, ‘‘During the pandemic, the strategic importance of textile sector was understood once again. Our industry, which is not depended on abroad in raw material supply, has successfully passed the pandemic test. Until the end of the year we aim to enhance Turkey’s technical textiles exports to over $ 2 billion and rapidly increase its share in global markets.”

Meeting the domestic market demand for medical textile products such as masks, protective overalls, gowns and sending aid to more than 70 countries in the World demonstrate that Turkey’s ‘technical textiles’ strength in the field.

While R&D and innovation investments continue without slowing down for technical textiles that have export market of 107 billion dollars in the world, Turkey’s technical textiles exports are expected to over $ 2 billion and rapidly increase its share in global markets until the end of the year.

Highlighing that technical textiles would shape the vision of the Turkish textile sector and would provide high added value to the sector, İTHİB Chairman of the Board Ahmet Öksüz continued as follows: “In June, our technical textile exports increased by 196 percent to $ 349 million and in January-June, it increased by 39 percent to $ 1.2 billion. During the pandemic, the strategic importance of our sector was understood once again. Our industry, which is not depended on abroad in raw material supply, has successfully passed the pandemic test. However, in order to make this success sustainable, we should encourage our companies to produce in accordance with international standards and produce additional solutions to achieve a more competitive structure. Within this framework, in the meetings we made with our Ministries, we stated that the application of exporting personal protective equipment products in exchange for grants to the State Materials Office should be revised. Our ministries regulated by expanding the application as 1 grant to 1 export. We get the infrastructure to be the world leader in medical textiles. We need to be more proactive in order to meet global demands while maintaining our infrastructure strength.

Textile products that breathe, keep heat, do not get dirty…

Emphasizing that the future is in technical textiles to more value added exports, Öksüz pursued: ‘As İTHİB, we carry out our works within this framework. Functionality also distinguish along with design in technical textiles. In addition to producing nanotechnological, non-polluted, breathable and heat-keeping textile products, the technical textile industry; it offers facilitating solutions to other sectors in areas such as automotive textiles, construction and agriculture’


The world’s 6th largest, Europe’s 2nd largest supplier

Stating that they have implemented the ‘Digital Transformation and Innovation in Technical Textiles’ project with the support of the Ministry of Commerce and 14 technical textile companies, Ahmet Öksüz continued as follows: “With our project, we aim to complete the Industry 4.0 integration of our companies by taking a leading role in the digital transformation of our companies. Also we started out with Istanbul Technical University Turkey’s first and only Master’s (with thesis) Technical Textile program to increase qualified human resources we need for.”

Turkish textile in domestic automobile

Technical textiles typically used in the automotive industry; it provides comfort as well as functions such as decoration, insulation, filtering. Technical textiles, which are used extensively in the armor coatings of vehicles, include products such as seat belts, airbags, seat fabrics, interior trim products, auto covers, seat covers, filters, carpet soles, cord fabric.

Speaking about the first high-tech domestic and national car, Öksüz said: “We are ready to fulfill all our duties as a textile and raw materials industry for our domestic car that will represent our country in the world arena and to produce all the textile parts of our domestic and national vehicle TOGG as Turkish textile companies. Today, as the 6th largest supplier in the World and 2nd largest supplier of the EU’s, we will continue to work for growing Turkey’s economy.”