Turkey Bus Builder BMC Otomotiv Books Biggest Booth

Turkey bus builder BMC Otomotiv books biggest booth ever in Busworld Turkey to be held in the Fuar Izmir exhibition halls from Thursday 19th April to Saturday 21st April 2018

The seventh edition of Busworld Turkey will take place in Izmir for the first time. Busworld Turkey will welcome its exhibitors and visitors in the Fuar Izmir exhibition halls from Thursday 19 April till Saturday 21 April 2018.

Izmir is the third biggest city in Turkey after Istanbul and Ankara and well worth a visit. It is an important seaport and touristic destination with its 4,000 year old history. The international airport and the easy connections by bus and train with other big cities make the city the ideal location to host a typical Busworld exhibition.

Turkey is the largest manufacturer of buses and coaches in Europe, with a very wide range of products. They range from minibuses right through to articulated city buses and from small coaches to double deck. The Government has encouraged the use of CNG which is very competitively priced. Mention also ought to be made of the several specialists that convert panel vans to all sorts of applications from welfare to incredibly luxurious.

BMC Otomotiv has been a very loyal exhibitor at Busworld exhibitions, both in Turkey as well as in Belgium, the Busworld Europe exhibition. However, 2018 will be a milestone for the Busworld – BMC Otomotiv collaboration since they booked a 3,000 sqm booth. Previously a booth has never been sold as much as big this one in Turkey. It clearly marks the ambition of BMC Otomotiv in the bus industry and their confidence in the Busworld platform.

Mieke Glorieux, Director of Busworld commented very enthusiastically: “It is an honour to welcome BMC again, especially in a giant booth like this. Last October they won a Busworld Awards Label for Design for their Neocity bus at the Busworld Europe exhibition in direct competition with many other brands, so we are all very curious about their booth and the vehicles they will bring to Izmir.” (The 360° picture of the interior or the video of the Neocity during the Busworld Awards competition).

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