Global Automotive Manufacturing Foreseen To Reach 100 Million

One of the locomotive sectors of the economy, the automotive sector will meet new milestones in 2018, according to KPMG Turkey

Having transformed via technology, the automotive sector might manufacture the number of 100 million vehicles across the world globally in 2018. In Turkey, the sector production is expected to reach by 1,7 million units.

The sector will continue to discuss autonomous vehicles, zero emission and zero accident works in the world. As for the agenda of Turkey there are tax rates, increased hybrid automobile sales and domestic made automobile manufacturing. Hakan Olekli, Head of Automobile of KPMG Turkey, said; “The automotive sector has divided into two parts as traditional design and production makers and autonomous solution providers along with the technology firms have entered the market. Now, the automotive companies have turned to an R & D center. The year 2018 will be a year to comply with harmonizing with transforming plans for Turkey.”

According to the automotive sector outlook report posted by KPMG, Olekli said, “The automotive sector has entered into a great transformation. The plans of the UK, Germany, Norway, France and China which is the biggest automobile market of the world to forbid gasoline and diesel-powered automobiles have brought together a great vision. Having entered an extraordinary activity in order to build the future, the automotive companies have transformed to R & D centers. From now on, transforming the automotive companies from their traditional production to new trends not a choice is a mandatory. In 2018, zero emission, zero accident, autonomous vehicles take place on the agenda of the world.”

As for the highlights which emerge forefront in KPMG Automotive Outlook 2018 as follows:

In 2017, the automobile domestic market constricted some in Turkey, light commercial vehicle market grew. The sales of automobiles became 722,759 units in 2017. In 2016, the sales were 756,938 units. Reduction rate was 4.52%. In light commercial vehicle market surged 2.93% in 2017.

The new tax application compliance with engine volume affected the customer preferences. The biggest share in the sales was taken by the automobiles under 1600cc with 96.1 percent. The total sales of 1600cc and under volume engine became 694,464 units.

The automobiles between 1600-2000cc engines took 3 percent from the total sales with 21,568 units. The sales of automobile share over 2000cc were 0.3 percent plunged 47% over the previous year.

Increase in hybrid vehicles is huge

The sales of electric and hybrid vehicles have remained under expectations. In 2017, a total of 76 electric vehicles sold. In hybrid market, a total of 4,507 vehicles were sold in the domestic market. So, the sales of hybrid vehicles showed a drastic increase with 334 percent in 2017 over the previous year. The sales of diesel powertrain vehicles decreased 5.2 percent to 440,890 units in 2017. The share of diesel powertrain vehicles in the total sales did not show a crucial change.

The total automotive production upped 16 percent to 1 million 544 thousand units in the first 11 months of 2017 over the same period previous year, according to the Turkish Automotive Manufacturers Association (OSD).

77 percent of the sector exports made to European Union countries in 2017. In Turkey, 12 firms maintain their operations with 18 plants in the sector. In exports, Ford Otosan ranked atop, followed by Oyak Renault, Tofas, Toyota and Hyundai Assan respectively.

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