TUMOSAN Gears Up To Make Heavy Machines

tumosanAs a first diesel engine manufacturer in Turkey, TUMOSAN is also getting ready to manufacture heavy machines together with a private company.

Following domestic made aircraft, automotive projects, now first hydraulic machine project will be made; the project will be managed cooperating with a private company. As the first diesel engine producer in Turkey, TUMOSAN will manufacture engine of the heavy machines with its own brand. In his announcement, stating TUMOSAN would manufacture forklifts in the first stage, Kurtulus Ogun, Director General of TUMOSAN, said; “Currently, there is assembly line for components which were purchased from abroad. Our production will be domestic-made machines.” Production of the new project in 2016 Highlighting that they would also focus on the other hydraulic machines following forklift production, TUMOSAN Director General Ogun told their new plans in engine production. Stating they would produce an engine of which designs and license completely belong to them, Ogun said they had planned various versions of the engines in different sizes for Altay Tank project. Acquiring tender for improving tank power of Turkish Defense Industry Undersecretariat, Ogun said TUMOSAN would launch works for power progress in 2016. He said they had planned to manufacture the first products in 2020, adding that they would manufacture engines in over and 1500 hp. The technical support will be taken from the Austrian firm AVL. Ogun also said they had demanded high speed train production. TUMOSAN Director General Kurtulus Ogun also reminded they would like to make products in armored vehicle concept; they would want to achieve more than one product on a production line.

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