Tractor Sales Expected To Set Record

Made in Turkey tractors are exported to over 130 countries across 5 continents, nearly 40% of the exports shipped to North America and Canada

Last year setting record in the sales of tractors with 72,205 units in the Turkish market, this year 4.9 percent increase enjoyed in the first 7 months, if this growth is kept a new record would be broken in 2017.

TurkTractor Deputy Director General for sales Irfan Ozdemir said one of two tractors sold in the domestic market comes from TurkTractor.

Stating the Turkish farmers had enjoyed a productive and abundant year in 2017, Ozdemir said; “Rain falls and harvests generally were good. Commodity and food prices were good as well. This year, our farmers get a good, productive and abundant year. As our farmers enjoy a good, productive and abundant year this is also beneficial for us.”

Reminding there was 4.9 percent of growth as of the end of July this year according to the data of Turkish Statistical Institute, Ozdemir continued; “As TurkTractor, we have also gotten our share from this growth. We evaluate this year as productive and beneficial year. The sales of tractors up to October are also good. Last year having sold of 72,205 tractors in the domestic market a record was broken. Guessing the sales for this year-end is some difficult, however if we preserve the sale rate of 4.7 percent in the first 7 months we can also close this year with a new record. As TurkTractor, we accomplish 67 percent of Turkey’s tractor manufacturing and 87 percent of the country exports. Turkey exports to over 130 countries across 5 continents. Nearly 40% of our exports ship to North America and Canada. The countries we export increase quickly.”

Turkish tractor market has been in upward trend within last 3-4 years

In his statement, Serhun Olgun, Deputy Director General of TUMOSAN, said they would sell mostly in the domestic market and they had second highest market share of Turkey.

Pointing out a seamless increase had been seen in the Turkish tractor market in last 3-4 years, Olgun recorded; “Regarding insensitivity of the agricultural cultivation and subsidies and credited systems encourage the Turkish tractor market increase in a serious way within last 3-4 years. When we look at last 6 months of this year, we see the sales have increased some. But we see this increase to reduce some in the second half. However the sales of tractors will be near to last year maybe some higher or slightly less of last year’s sales. Furthermore, the tractors manufactured in Turkey have been equal with European and American as quality. Having quality in this level the Turkish made tractors are preferred much in the countries of African continent. We can catch noteworthy opportunities in these countries.”

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