Total Automotive Production Increased 17 %

total-automotive-productionThe total automotive production increased 17 percent to 974 thousand units; automobile production owned the biggest percentage in the first 9 months this year with the number of 566 thousand units increasing 7 percent.

The total production increased 17 percent to 974 thousand units; the automobile production increased 7 percent to 566 thousand units in the first 9 months this year, according to the statement posted by Turkish Automotive Manufacturers Association (OSD). In this period, the total market surged 39 percent to 693 thousand units. The automobile market raised 37 percent to 501 thousand units. The sales of imported automobiles became 75 percent in this period, according to the OSD. The total sales of automobiles increased 37 percent, imported ones 37 percent and domestic made ones 35 percent respectively in the first 9 months this year. The sales of imported light commercial vehicles were 45 percent in this period. The sales of the total light commercial vehicles increased 52 percent, domestic light commercial vehicles 63 percent and imported light commercial vehicles 40 percent in this period. The heavy vehicle market increased 12 percent to 30,197 units in this period. With regard to the construction sector developments, the truck market increased 13 percent to 26,529 units; bus market increased 23 percent to 1,329 units. In the last decade, the total automotive market expanded 32.5 percent, automobile market 45.3 percent, light commercial market 6.8 and truck market 16.6 percent respectively; the bus market constricted 15 percent. In September 2015, the share of imported automobile became 75 percent; in this segment the light commercial vehicle’s share was 45 percent. This period, while the total automobile exports based on unit increased 8 percent, the automobile exports decreased 1 percent. In the first 9 months the total exports became 707 thousand units accounting for 73 percent of the total production, the number of automobile exports accomplished 429 thousand units. While automobile exports decreased 1 percent, commercial vehicle exports increased 27 percent to 278 thousand units. Tractor exports constricted 15 percent to 10,983 units. In this period, together with tractor production the total vehicle production reached 1 million 13 units. The production increase in cargo and passenger vehicles in the first 9 months over the same period last year are as follows:

Minibus: 71 %
Pick up: 33%
Bus: 25 %
Light truck: 20 %
Midibus: 16 %
Truck: 11 %
Automobile: 7 %
Tractor: 6 %

The total automotive production increased 17 percent to 974 thousand units; automobile production owned the biggest rate in the first 9 months this year with the number of 566 thousand units increasing 7 percent year-on-year. The tractor production increased 6 percent to 38,840 units in this period. Tractor production has also raised its highest figure in this period.

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