Third Airport To Be Green

The third airport which is being built in Istanbul to be sustainable, generating its own energy, featuring eco-friendly

The new airport has begun to realize all necessities in the construction stage. Ulku Ozeren, Environment and Sustainable Director of the Third Airport said in order to let the third airport to own Green Airport Certification a compulsory for being ‘Green Organization has been brought for all 3rd party firms.

Participating in climate change and sustainability in aviation held in the scope of the 23rd United Nation Climate Change Conference known as COP23, Ozeren presented about Climate Change Action Plan of Istanbul New Airport.

Stating climate change issue has been at the top of sustainability agenda across the world, Ozeren said every business branch has been affected from the climate change everywhere across the world.

Recording aviation sector took place at the top of the list, Ozeren said; “The important thing is to have awareness of this issue and working in the international standards to lower minimum level the effects that stem from the climate change. As lots of airports analyze and evaluate after starting operations, we have started these works still in the design stage. We see that employees and managers’ having awareness in adaptation and in emission reduction as well as investing in this issue shows a great importance. Also all worldwide airports should adapt to the climate change without losing time with similar actions to these. I think we will be example with our works that we have done to all airports in the world.”

Indicating airports have been separated into four categories as physical, work, safety and financial in terms of facing problems due to the climate change, Ozeren stated damages which stem from flood, water torrent, rising of sea level and temperature changes have been in physical results of the climate changes.

Reminding reduction of weather temperature, so depending on this heating and cooling problems, changes in flora and fauna, postponements in flights and shutting down of airports were shown in the most important business risks, Ozeren said they have given importance to planning of Istanbul New Airport regarding not to be affected from all of these events.

Ozeren continued; “We have managed a comprehensive work so as to evaluate infrastructure and risk. We identify our measures by evaluating the sensitive and fragile points that would lead to vulnerability for each one. One of priorities of ours is to reduce emission that stems from fuels. Regarding the Istanbul New Airport being a project developed to overcome current and future air-traffic burden, the troubles which are experienced from air-traffic insensitivity will not happen here. This will also reduce the emission resulting in both long taxi lineup and waiting for landing in the airport.”

Highlighting the Istanbul New Airport which has been targeted to be a green airport has been built as sustainable, generating its own energy, eco-friendly, without obstacle, Ozeren concluded; “The new airport has begun to achieve the all necessities to be a green airport in its construction stage. In order to let the new Airport to possess Green Airport Certification all third party firms have been obliged to become a ‘Green Establishment’. Choosing of machines and equipment for energy generation and air-conditioning at the new airport lower both the environmental effect and cost of living. The design of terminal building and infrastructure of the airport is being realized to lower use of energy and emission to minimum level by using the advantageous of the state-of-the-art design applications.”

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