TEMSA Shows Distinction Of R&D Center

Untitled-6TEMSA continues to produce innovative solutions and products along with universities, municipalities, techno-cities, its clients, shareholders and local governments

TEMSA R & D Center was elected one of the best applications through evaluations of the Turkish Ministry of Industry, Science and Technology. TEMSA joined the qualification of “Good Application Examples of Private Sector R & D Centers” that was held by the Turkish Ministry of Industry, Science and Technology in terms of the innovation and entrepreneurship report. At the end of the qualification, TEMSA R & D Center has been deserved to take place in “Good Application Examples”. In this scope, TEMSA has also deserved to be presented at the meeting-sharing and take place in the book titled “Good Application Examples of R & D Centers” to be distributed to the industrial firms.

Innovation initiative has been emerged
Pointing out taking place in the number of 243 R & D centers that represent ‘good application examples’ in Turkey, Mustafa Gurcan, the Manager of TEMSA R & D, said; “Innovative initiative has been emerged to the forefront in all TEMSA R & D activities. Featuring collective of R & D projects, listening to clients, commissioning applications quickly by determining their needs before, making all processes with participation of shareholders have emerged to forefront in the report as one of the most distinctions of ours in this report. As R & D Center, we aim to increase turnover rate of the vehicles at the end of developed projects with every passing day.”

Avenue iBus got “The Best Technology Application Award”
In his speech, Product Manager Mert Ozkaynak, said, “The crucial projects are being developed in the scope of Smart Mobility programs in safety, digitalization, sustainability and efficiency platforms. The best example of this is Turkey’s first smart vehicle, Avenue iBus which has gotten the best technology application award at TRANSIST 2015 fair. iBus platform has begun to make breakthroughs with its unique infrastructure across the world. TEMSA does not want innovation being only product focused. TEMSA has targeted to spread innovation to all TEMSA bodies through studies conducted in human resources. We will continue to produce innovative solutions and products along with universities, municipalities, techno-cities, our clients, shareholders and local governments.”

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