TEMSA Leads Domestic Market For 4th Consecutive Year

“We will accelerate transformation of TEMSA to be a global technology company along with our global growth vision and innovation oriented investment strategy,” Hasan Yildirim, Director General of TEMSA

One of subsidiaries of Sabanci Holding, TEMSA held the assessment meeting of 2017 in Istanbul. In the meeting, acquisitions in 2017 and objectives in 2018 were shared. Showing off in 66 countries with over 30 thousand vehicles, TEMSA continues its investments both in the home and abroad seamlessly. Hasan Yildirim, Director General of TEMSA, said they had left behind a successful year and added; “We have accomplished 28 percent in the bus and van market share and domestic market leader for the 4th consecutive year. In our history first time, our turnover exceeded TL1 billion our exports increased 33 percent in 2017. You will see that we would take steps to clinch this leadership. We will continue to produce, ensure job for the country in the upcoming period. In addition, we will accelerate transformation of TEMSA to be a global technology company along with our global growth vision and innovation oriented investment strategy. In the near future, we lead our works with the target to be a part of smart cities to guide mass transportation. In this scope, we scrutinize closely the opportunities of investment abroad.”

Highlighting when evaluated bus and van market together, TEMSA completed the year 2017 as leader with the sales of 1,500 units and 28 percent market share as in the last three years, Hasan Yildirim said; “When we take into consideration the domestic market, our market share had 27 percent in intercity bus segment; in coach segment as 34 percent; in city segment the share was 12 percent. In 2016, accomplishing total turnover of TL890 million, I enjoy happiness raising turnover by TL1 billion 40 million as of the end of 2017. So, we, as TEMSA, exceeded the turnover limit of TL1 billion firstly.”

One out of three buses is TEMSA

Hasan Yildirim continued, “We meet our customers’ expectations in the best way with 67 service networks, we let them experience the best customer experience. As reaped the fruit of our investments we made, today we have reached the number of 18,500 unit vehicles across Turkey. In other words, we can say one out of three buses in our country is TEMSA brand. In addition to our financial performance in the home, we have left behind a quite successful year abroad as well. In this scope, we surged our total exports by $172 million with 33 percent growth. With power that we get from Sabanci Holding, we will continue to produce, to add value and to generate job for our country and conglomerate. Our target in 2018 is to raise our turnover 20 percent, as for the exports over $200 million.”

Indicating in a world where technology would change with a dazzling speed, Yildirim said they would transfer 4 percent of their turnover to R & D center.

He also said electric bus market would show 33.5 percent growth on average by 2025 across the world.

“In this context, as TEMSA, we contribute sustainability of our country and the world with 3 electric vehicles in our structure.”

Yildirim also concluded 1000 TEMSA branded buses operated on roads of the USA with 10 percent market share.

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