“Bureaucratic Hindrances Should Be Overcome”

“The bureaucratic transactions and extending processes should be overcome immediately to promote exports,” Alper Kanca, head of TAYSAD

The biggest brake in exports is logistic periods, according to Alper Kanca, Chairman of Association of Automotive Parts & Components Manufacturers (TAYSAD). He noted, “The bureaucratic transactions and extending processes should be overcome immediately.”

Indicating longtime bureaucratic transactions at the customs gateways hit the exports of all sectors, Alper Kanca said; “One of the biggest reasons which slow exports of the all sectors is long bureaucratic transactions. In this time when we set records in the exports, much more efforts should be exerted so as to overcome the bureaucratic hindrances which are the biggest brake for us. We should ask this question to ourselves; how many documents are prepared when a package set out from our competitor countries, how many signatures are required for the customs transactions, how long those transactions take to fulfill the bureaucratic processes, and how long do those transactions take to finish the transaction at our gateways?”

Reminding speed have become an important criterion like price, quality, Alper Kanca said; “In fact, there are customer masses in front us beginning to be unwished. They have been in tendency to raise a little problem. In this case, we should recover ourselves continuously and remove our lacks and faults. Our problems almost are not in terms of product quality and prices. However there are many hindrances in logistic and delivery issues to be exceeded.”

“Turkish automotive exports to the EU take place atop by leaving behind the giants such as Japan, South Korea and the USA. In order to sustain the success, the problem should be solved in a quick way. This is not a problem to solve by the supplier industry itself,” he added.

2017 was a records year

Stating the Turkish automotive sector closed the year 2017 by setting records, Kanca continued; “As Turkey’s exports reached $157 billion growing 10 percent in 2017, meanwhile the exports of the automotive sector surged by $28,5 billion increasing 19.5 percent. Thus continuing in the growth seamlessly, our automotive industry completed the year 2017 as export champion for the 12th consecutive year.”

Indicating the EU countries had the biggest share in the sector exports, Kanca said; “The biggest market was the EU countries in the sector exports in December 2017. Having 75 percent share in the sector exports to the EU countries, the sector exports upped 3% to $1 billion 859 million in December 2017. The sector exports to Germany which features atop performed 1% rise to $338 million last Dec. over previous year.”

“In order to sustain this success we should keep our commercial relations in the target markets and strength. As TAYSAD, our efforts will continue in this issue. One of the most important ways is to open to the new markets to be able to sustain success in the exports. As long as investments go on in the sector, we think the acceleration will also continue in the next year, Kanca noted.

“We follow up closely all developments in the automotive sector”

Telling they would follow up all developments in the sector, lastly they had joined CES 2018, Kanca concluded; “As the state-of-the –art technologies and innovations were introduced at the fair in Las Vegas, also very crucial information was shared at the conferences. The all innovations and R & D studies are planned to meet the expectations of the target mass between ages of 15- 25 years, so vehicle designs and innovations will be affected from this condition extremely. Now countdown has started for drivers who would be also passengers in the automotive world.”

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