TEMSA Enjoys Happiness Of Winning Awards

Continuing to crown its production and development processes with awards, TEMSA ranked atop in automotive category in the 6th Private Sector R & D and Design Centers Summit

Crowning its successes with awards in production and improvement processes, TEMSA took place atop in the automotive category of the 6th Private Sector R & D and Design Centers Summit. Earlier TEMSA has also owned of first award in the category of “Innovation Cycle” in the scope of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Week.

Sabancı Holding and TEMSA management enjoy happiness of winning awards one after the other. Guler Sabanci, Chairman of Sabanci Holding took the award of TEMSA which was first award winning in “Innovation Cycle” category in the 6th edition of Turkey’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Week from the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Following this success, a new award came from the 6th Private Sector R & D and Design Centers Summit.

Having organized by the Turkish Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, the 6th Private Sector and R & D and Design Centers Summit was held at Ankara Congresium under theme of “R & D and Development by Innovation”.

In the scope of the event in which 328 R & D centers contested in 6 main categories, the giants of R & D and innovation firms showed off their technologies. TEMSA achieved to possess the top award in the automotive sector category. Hasan Yildirim, Director General of TEMSA, received the award from Dr. Faruk Ozlu, Minister of Science, Industry and Technology.

“As every award makes us happy also loads responsibility”

About the issue, Hasan Yildirim said; “It is time to enjoy proud and happiness very intensive. As every award loads a huge energy onto us to rush towards new successes; together with these awards our responsibility increase too. We are in excitement working for the future of our country. In recent days, Guler Sabanci, head of our holding received the award of InnovaLig from our President Erdogan. Soon after, stating his admirations regarding travelling on our electric bus made us very happy. Now once again we have been in happiness of winning a new award. Through supports of Sabanci Holding TEMSA goes on to run from one after the other success. Every year we transfer 4% of our turnover to TEMSA R & D center with 200 staffs. Our engineers work day and night to develop products to add value-added to our country’s future. As we get these efforts’ results with deserving awards in the home we also support to the country economy via our exports worth $190 million per annum. This is not the first award of TEMSA R & D center as well. Our R & D center has previously taken award in ‘The best application examples’. We will continue to work without getting fed up, tired. We will also win new awards. In 2018, we will enjoy happiness of celebrating our 50th anniversary.”

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