Istanbul Set Record In Traffic Congestion

Analyzing traffic congestions of Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa and Antalya; Yandex Navigation has revealed traffic congestion chart of 5 megacities in Turkey

As the most popular navigation app in Turkey, Yandex Navigation has revealed traffic congestion graphic of 5 megacities in Turkey. Scrutinizing Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa and Antalya; traffic congestions have been analyzed separately in both weekdays and weekends in these megacities. According to the analyzing, as drivers suffer traffic jams much in Istanbul, however the northwestern province of Izmir exceeded Istanbul in some rush hours in weekdays. The least traffic congestion was observed in Antalya in 5 megacities. Yandex Navigation also determined the areas where accident warning signs are constituted. When accident signs are taken into consideration; bridges and surroundings, main roads’ junctions and intersections expose forefront in the analysis. Meanwhile, reduction of accidents was drawn attention. Yandex Navigation has determined the best and worst traffic condition of mega cities. Mapping traffic schemes of 5 mega cities, Yandex also measured traffic jam degrees in both weekdays and weekends.

The most intensive days are Wednesday and Friday in Istanbul according to the analyze of Yandex, the most intensified hours are rush hours in morning and evening, also Saturday drew attention in terms of traffic jam. Megacity Istanbul featured as the most intensified traffic, especially evening rush hours of weekdays. The traffic congestion increased in Wednesday and Friday more.

Traffic jam in Izmir became higher than Istanbul in noon hours

According to weekly and daily analyze of Yandex, the most traffic jam happened in the western province of Izmir following Istanbul. Also traffic jam in Izmir between 12:00 – 15:00 pm left Istanbul behind. Antalya featured one of livable cities in terms of traffic jam. Following Istanbul and Izmir, Ankara and Bursa ranked in classification in traffic jam. As traffic jam remains some lesser in Ankara than Izmir, In Bursa, traffic congestion goes to raise beginning from Friday evening.

Traffic accidents in Istanbul reduced in the last one year

Having record traffic congestion in Istanbul, so, the traffic accidents were inevitably experienced in this city more than other megacities. Yandex analyzed traffic accident points. Comparing the years 2015 with 2016 and 2016 with 2017, the accident reduction was observed in noteworthy rate according to traffic accident analyze. As accident increases in spring and summer seasons, reduces in fall and winter according to the analysis.

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