A Set Of Regulations For Public Transport

otoHundreds of thousands of public transport vehicles will be transformed to a more safety condition with a set of regulations directed towards drivers and passengers.

Hundreds of thousands of minibuses and buses run in cities will be transformed to a safer condition through the new technological tools. A set of regulations made by the Turkish Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology directed towards the production, transformation and assembling, as well as drivers and passengers. In accordance with this new regulation, driver safety cabin will be equipped for the vehicles having over 8 seats. Except intercity and international buses and tourism purposed coaches, the vehicles which operate in cities will be identified as “Special Safety Equipped Public Transport Vehicles” if they meet the aforementioned terms. Vehicle tracking device, state of emergency button, camera system and image recorder system will be installed in these vehicles. The vehicle tracking device will ensure tracking of the vehicles in terms of location/position. The location information will include latitude, altitude, speed, direction, total distance information. The state of location, direction, instant speed will be tracked automatically. In case, electricity cutoff the device will be active for 5 hours. Cameras will produce proof The device which will be used in the camera arabasystem to be installed in the vehicles designed for the mobile vehicles. The feature of picture sensor of the camera would be improved to take picture in the moveable condition. In order to be able to scan interior of the vehicle for identifying of a passenger in examining of an incident will be at least 480 TV-Line level. The camera will be featuring Watermark for being used as a proof at the courts. State of emergency button Another crucial change in the public transport vehicles is state of emergency button. State of emergency buttons will be existing as much as emergency exit places. Change also will be made in the places of LPG/CNG fuel systems.


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