Sales Of Winter Tires To Reach 6 Million Units


This year use of winter tires will reach 6 million units in the Turkish market; this figure might raise some in conjunction with hardness of winter circumstances.

Mustafa Karakas, Chairman of Automotive Tire Seller and Service Business Association (LASED), said; “Use of winter tires will approach by 6 million, in case the winter conditions might be tough this figure would jump up some more. The trade aspect of the winter tire is predicted to be between TL7-8 billion.” Even snow and rain will not happen when weather temperature drops under 7 degree Celsius, using winter tires has a great importance in terms of safety. Pointing out traffic accidents of which mostly stemmed from use of insufficient tire, Karatas continued, “The freight index of the winter tire must be in the same class of summer tire. As for speed index can be lower than the summer tires. In tire sizes, a narrower tire sole than summer tires can be preferred. 60 percent of vehicle accidents stems from tires. The significance of tire factor emerges in reduction of traffic accidents. Indicating the tire sector has achieved a good trend within the last 5 years, as well as 28 percent growth, Karatas said, “In 2015, performing 9 percent growth accounts for the sales of 22 million tires. Importance of tire factor appears in decreasing of traffic accidents. The trade volume of the Turkish tire sector reaches by TL28 billion.” He added they were hopeful this year. In 2015, use of winter tire was 5 million, this year it would reach by 6 million units, according to the condition the figure would raise some, in terms of trade volume, and “we guess it would be TL7-8 billion.” Reminding additional 21.8 percent of the customs duty would be implemented for tires that imported from out of the EU, EFTA countries and the countries do not have free trade lastikleragreement, Karatas said, “With the aforementioned practice the importers were affected negatively. We observe that many firms have quitted imports from the countries remain out of the agreement. Both additional customs duty implementation and rising of foreign currency caused the increase in tire prices.” “We are ready for domestic made car” Highlighting Turkey’s supplier industry production capacity was ready for the domestic made automobile, Karatas said, “Turkish tire sector has every kind of capacity to support as supplier to the domestic made automobile. As we say every time we support production of the domestic made automobile with our all heart. And we declare we are ready for every kind of task and service which fall on our shoulders.”

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