Automotive Supplier Industry Stands Up For Exports


Turkish automotive industry is going to offer a suggestion to the Ministry of Industry in order to boost the sector exports and turnover.

Turkish automotive supplier industrialists will present a study which includes various suggestions in order to increase both exports and domestic market. Alper Kanca, Chairman of Turkish Association of Automotive Parts & Components Manufacturers (TAYSAD), stated that they negotiated previously with Nihat Zeybekci, Minister of Economy and Faruk Ozlu, Minister of Science, Industry and Technology. He added, “We will present a study including total turnover, domestic market and exports to the Minister of Industry within one month.” Kanca also said they would keep in touch with the ministry of finance to reduce logistic costs. This year expected the automotive sector would grow 7.5 percent, in 2017 the turnover of the sector might increase between 3.5 – 5 percent based on dollar. The automotive sector which has the biggest share in Turkey’s exports constitutes of the two components as vehicle producers and supplier industry. The two-third of the exports is fulfilled by the vehicle producers and the rest by the automotive supplier industrialist. Currently being $19,6 billion, the sector’s total exports are expected to reach by $23 billion by the end of the year. The supplier industry is foreseen to be $9,1 billion by the year-end accounting for 40 percent of the sector exports. Pointing out the automotive exports had been in upward trend in recent years and this stemmed from the international companies shifting their production to Turkey, Kanca said, “The automotive is a sector which advances with slow steps and its route change slowly. This is a good thing in the current growing period. But, as for it gets diminishing, it is substantially quite bad characteristic.” Fiat Egea, Renault Megane and Toyota C-HR effective in export increase TAYSAD Deputy Chairman Albert Saydam, showing Fiat Egea, Renault Megane and Toyota C-HR models as the example in key export increase within the last two years, and said the sector’s production and exports surged thanks to those models. These models of Fiat, Renault and Toyota are produced only in Turkey and exported to the entire world. Renault plans to produce 90,000 units of Megane model per annum, Toyota is planning to produce 179,000 units in 2017. Saydam recorded, “These productions are the result of decision made to carrying platform 3-4 years ago. Now we enjoy growth effect of these decisions. The thing we should pay attention is that what would be platform decisions next year or after that, or whether might we miss these.” The vehicle production of the automotive industry records highs since 2012 onwards and since 2015 onwards in clearer way, according to the data of Turkish automotive industry.

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