Sales Of Oil Up 9.5% In May


The sales of total oil products increased 9.5 percent in May compared with the same month last year in Turkey  

According to the report from Turkey’s Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA), the sales of oil products in Turkey increased in May over the same month previous year.

The sales of oil products increased 9.5 percent to 2 million 251 thousand 847 tons in May year on year. The sales of gasoline types reached by 186,201 tons with 8.9 percent increase, diesel types by 1,877,730 tons with 10 percent rise and aviation fuels upped 2.1 percent to 127,588 tons in May. The imports of crude oil increased 1.9 percent to 2 million 89 thousand 646 tons in May. The imports of diesel types upped 21 percent to 1 million 216 thousand 844 tons, the imports of aviation fuels decreased 43.8 percent to 32,989 tons. The exports of gasoline types plunged 48.6 percent to 104,929 tons, aviation fuels decreased 7.9 percent to 298,121 tons, as for diesel type exports surged 158.7 percent to 5,648 tons. In May, the total production of refined oil products reduced. The total refined oil products decreased 6.4 percent to 2 million 349 thousand 663 tons.

The total production of diesel types decreased 8.1 percent to 680,376 tons; gasoline types 12.6 percent to 313,670 tons; reduction in aviation fuels became 6.1 percent to 421,243 tons.

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