Oysan Otomotiv Continues İts Stable Growth

Oysan Otomotiv has a respected position in the automotive aftermarket with its wide range of products and Corteco distribution. We asked the details of the success story of the company to Yusuf Ziya Oylum, general manager of the company.

Can you tell us about your experience in the automotive sector?
If I have to mention it in years, I have been in this industry for over 40 years, and I have been managing my own company for 35 years.

Can you provide information about your products?
Can you talk about your manufacturing power and production capacity?
Our product range is sufficient to meet any demand, thanks to our distributors and dealerships, and our stocks include
a variety of options. We have become a sought-after brand both domestically and internationally, especially in oil seals. In
addition to Corteco distribution, we also have production in various products under the CDF brand abroad.

What are your expectations from this year’s Automechanika fair?
Our biggest expectation from this year’s Automechanika fair is to meet quality customers and improve our business
relationships. I believe that the fair will meet our expectations in this regard.

Do you plan to participate in future trade fair events? Do you participate in international fairs?
Yes, we do plan to participate in future trade fair events. We actively participate in international fairs as well. We will continue to participate in Automechanika fairs in the coming years, just as we always have, because Automechanika is one of the most prestigious and comprehensive fairs in this industry. We have plans for international expansion and are working to implement these plans, but it is not possible to provide specific dates or details at this time.

What do you think about the opportunities and benefits that this fair provides for your company?
How did you generally find the fair?
Could you provide some details?
These types of fairs are crucial in terms of offering opportunities for networking and collaboration                                                   with other companies in the industry. Through this fair, we had the opportunity to meet with many potential
customers and partners within the country. I believe that the fair has contributed to our business commercially.

Do you have new investment plans for the long run and do you have new target export markets?
Of course, we do! We have new investment plans for the future, aiming to expand our company and reach a wider audience. We always have plans in place for our goals and dreams as long as we live, so I believe it is essential to have plans. And yes, we will have new markets for exports. That’s why we are showcasing ourselves at this trade fair.

Do you have products targeting future automotive trends such as electric vehicles, hybrid models, o autonomous driving technology? What kind of strategy are you pursuing in this field?
We currently do not have products targeting future automotive trends such as electric vehicles, hybrid models, or
autonomous driving technology. However, we are continuously working to meet our customers’ demands in this area.

How important is research and development (R&D) for your company? What is the role of new technologies and innovative ideas in your product development process?                                                                                                                                   We place great importance on research and development (R&D) activities. The role of new technologies and innovative ideas in our product development process is significant. Our R&D department constantly keeps track of new technologies, analyzes industry innovations, and develops our products based on customer needs. The contribution of innovative ideas to our products allows us to gain a competitive advantage and provide better services to our customers. Therefore, we attach great importance to R&D activities and maintain an open approach to innovation.

How is the global perception of our country in the sector?
The global perception of our country in the industry can be evaluated from different perspectives. Political and economic factors influence how individuals with different expectations and needs view Turkey’s automotive sector, making the assessment relative.

Lastly, what would you like to add? I hope for the accelerated development of the automotive sector, with growth and
progress achieved at more competitive prices, ultimately bringing satisfaction to potential customers in the industry.