Eksper Filter Excels in Quality, Durability And High Performance

R&D activities are conducted to fulfill the company’s goal of offering innovative products and solutions.
These efforts involve keeping up with technological advancements in the industry, enhancing product
performance and efficiency, and developing customized solutions to meet customer demands.

Eksper Filter is a company established in November 2011 with the purpose of producing quality filters for competitive
powerful manufacturers. Since the day of its establishment, Eksper Filter has been growing rapidly with the experienced,
proven and quality focused technical staff in filter production. We have recently conducted an exclusive interview with
Savaş Tatlı, general manager of the company to get the details of their success. Full text of the interview follows:

Please tell us about the developments that have been influential in your company’s establishment and entry into the
automotive spare parts industry? Eksper Filter was established in 2011 and has rapidly grown since then. The
company’s establishment was influenced by the industry’s growth and increasing demand. Additionally, conducting
market research and keeping up with technological advancements played a significant role in the company’s initiatives.

Can you provide information about the product variety and their features?
Eksper Filter offers various filter products in the automotive spare parts industry. Some of these include: Air Dryer Filters: Filters that separate air-borne moisture, particles, and oil. CAV Filters: Cavitation filters for the fuel system, which help remove harmful particles from the fuel. Spin-on Oil, Fuel, and Water Filters: Easyto- replace filters used in vehicles with a
spin-on system.Ecological Oil and Fuel Filters: Environmentally friendly filters with effective particle retention capabilities. Industrial, Commercial, and Heavy-Duty Equipment Air Filters: Air filters used in industrial, commercial, and heavy-duty machinery. These products are presented to customers with features such as quality, durability, and performance. Can you tell me about your manufacturing facility and R&D efforts? Our manufacturing facility is equipped
with advanced technology and a modern machinery park. The production processes are carried out in compliance with quality standards to ensure high-quality products for customers. R&D (Research and Development) efforts
are conducted to fulfill Eksper Filter’s goal of offering innovative products and solutions. These efforts involve keeping up
with technological advancements in the industry, enhancing product performance and efficiency, and developing customized solutions to meet customer demands.

Which countries do you export to, and which ones do you aim to include in your export network?
Eksper Filter exports its products to approximately 32 countries. The company actively collaborates with countries such
as Iraq, Egypt, Libya, and Romania. It has also entered the Russian market. Eksper Filter primarily focuses on exporting to
North Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. As part of its goal to expand the export network, the company aims to establish
partnerships with countries in America and other continents.

What domestic and international fairs have you participated in or plan to participate in?
We emphasize the importance of trade fairs and strives to participate in them whenever possible. For example,
the company actively participates in Automechanika fairs. This includes Automechanika Istanbul, Automechanika Dubai, and Automechanika Frankfurt, which is held every two years. Additionally, Eksper Filter plans to continue participating
in other spare parts fairs.

in terms of raw material and distribution conditions?
Eksper Filter is located in the İskenderun region of Hatay, Turkey. This region is known as an important hub for filter
production in Turkey. Other filter factories and semi-finished product manufacturers are also situated in this area. This proximity facilitates easy access to raw materials and collaboration opportunities. Moreover, the advantageous logistics position enables efficient distribution of products.

Could you give us a brief introduction of the team behind this success starting with yourself?
I, Savaş TATLI, am the General Manager of Eksper Filter, and I have been one of the company’s investor partners since 2013. I actively started working in the company in 2018, and we are currently operating with a joint management approach. My role focuses on determining the company’s growth objectives, conducting market analyses, and collaborating with the management team to ensure the company’s successful progress. There are other executives who have made significant contributions to the success of Eksper Filter. Ali Çapar, the Sales Manager, leads the sales team and manages strategic sales activities. Under his leadership, customer relationships have been strengthened, and
sales performance has been enhanced. Zekeriya Dokumacı, the Technical Manager, works to ensure the technical
competence and quality of our products. He leads product development processes and enhances the company’s competitive edge by staying up to date with new technologies. Aytaç Çapar, the Production and Planning Manager, is responsible for managing production processes, improving efficiency, and optimizing the supply chain. Under
his leadership, production processes have become more efficient, and quick responses to customer demands have been
achieved. Uğur Dokumacı, our other Co- General Manager, plays an active role in the company’s management. He collaborates to make strategic decisions, determines the company’s growth objectives, and ensures the effective execution of operations. This teamwork and the leadership skills of our executives contribute significantly to the success and growth of Eksper Filter. Together, we will continue to maintain and advance our strong position in the automotive spare parts industry.

Can you comment on the positive and negative aspects of the Turkish market for the automotive spare parts sector?
The Turkish market for the automotive spare parts sector can have both positive and negative aspects. Here are a few

Positive aspects:
Large market: Turkey is a significant market in the automotive sector, with widespread car ownership. This contributes to a high demand for automotive spare parts. Export potential: Turkey’s capability to be a skilled and competitive supplier in the automotive sector enhances its export potential. There may be opportunities to manufacture and export automotive spare parts in demand abroad.

Negative aspects:
Competition: The automotive spare parts sector is highly competitive, with numerou domestic and foreign companies operating in the industry. High competition can lead to price pressure and difficulties in acquiring customers.
Technology and quality requirements:
The automotive sector continually requires adaptation to new technologies and quality standards. This necessitates investment and ongoing improvement efforts.