Otokar Manufactures Frigorific Semi-Trailer

otokarOtokar made a first in railway food transport complying with the cargo safety standards of frigorific Iceliner’s Code XL and suitable for train loading. Otokar one of the Koc conglomerate’s companies has become first manufacturer having Code XL cargo safety standards and complying with the certificate of loadable on train for its frigorific trailer, called Iceliner which has been newly developed. From now on foodstuffs can be transported in a safe way via railways with Otokar’s Huckepack Iceliner possessing Code XL and Huckepack certificate in intermodal transport with frigorific trailer, according to the statement from the firm. At the beginning of the 1990s letting Turkey meet with the European norms in food transport, Otokar manufactures frigorific vehicles complying with the ATP standards and makes certification in line with customer demand. At the end of R & D studies of Otokar, no concession made to new Iceliner featuring sector’s minimum heat conduction coefficient. Heat loss in the vehicle is kept in the minimum level to reduce cooling running periods in the standards according to cooling unit and heat recording in IR, FNA, FRB and FRC certificates. So advantage is provided in fuel and transport costs.

It also has Huckepack Iceliner hygiene certificate
In addition to ATP certificate, Otokar Huckepack Iceliner semi-trailers also has HACCP hygiene certificate. Having focused on food safety system, HACCP includes to take the necessary measures to exclude negative elements might affect human health. In order to eliminate risks of foods that might be exposed to interactions as microbiological, chemical or physical complying with hygiene rules taken into consideration in transport. Otokar-Fruehauf Iceliner trailers can be loaded on trains easily and safely via special winches thanks to loading 2 UIC595-6 apparatus complying with EN 130044 standards existing on both sides. Otokar Domestic Market Commercial Vehicle Sales Manager Murat Tokatli said, “Otokar is a company has made many firsts in the sector. Especially since the first semi-trailer we manufactured in food transport area onwards, we sustain our claim to make the best. We continue to make distinction with our supper R & D power, expertise, knowledge accumulation, wide aftermarket network and sustainable customer satisfaction without conceding to quality and service policy in the sector. Our current frigorific trailer family has already possessed HACCP and ATP certificates in the international standards in food transportation. As we continue to give the above-mentioned certificates, we have also met a need of the sector with a high volume compared to its similar ones in the market in intermodal transport segment. We are happy meeting a furthermore need. We wish to be beneficial for our sector.” Highway, railway and seaway are used in a mixed way with semi-wagon transport model which is preferred in the international transport and Intermodal transport.

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