New Stars Of Hyundai At Market


Onder Goker, Director General of Hyundai Assan; “We support our 20th anniversary production with proud and enthusiasm through our special version automobiles”.

The successful players, i10 and i20 models of Hyundai in A and B segment have reached a new version special for 20th anniversary of the production in Turkey. Having named Star Hyundai’ two models are wanted to offer a maximum comfort to the Turkish consumers as well. Opened its first plant in Turkey out of Korea in 1997, Hyundai has been contributing both to the Turkish economy and Turkish automotive industry seamlessly since 20 years onwards. Playing a crucial role in the domestic market as well as in the export business, Hyundai has gained export income more than $2 billion in 2016. Having produced in Izmit through lobar force and effort of the Turkish workers, the i10 and i20 models take place in the most admired automobiles of Turkey. Since 2008 when offered for sales to date, having realized its sales in the number of over 13 thousand of i10 models, Hyundai has kept its leadership in A segment. As for the successful player of B segment, i20 has met with the Turkish consumers in 2009. Realized the sales of more than 117 thousand units, Hyundai has prepared a very special equipment level for both models for the honor of 20th anniversary in Turkey. Named its model as Star, Hyundai, while emerging forefront with high level equipment, also attracts attention with 1.0 T-GDI engine to i20 five-door version. Hyundai allows its customers meet with new features such as full automatic digital air-conditioner, access without key and start button and chrome door handles first time in i10 model besides super equipment features. The sales price of Hyundai i10 is TL61, 900. As for Hyundai i20 Star is going to show off with special and innovative equipment such as 6-speedtransmission in its hatchback body type with five-door with lane departure warning system (LDWS), bluetooth connection, 15” dark gray alloyed rims, black/gray special designed seat upholstery and glovebox, black roof cover, panoramic sunroof, bluetooth radio mp3 player, cruse and led rear spots. 1.0 liter T-GDI engine in Hyundai i20 generates 120 Hp with 6 speeds. Regarding turbo feeding effect, rigorous in low revs and maximum power in high revs. This new generation engine is quite stingy in fuel consumption thanks to start & stop feature. As for the automatic option, it is offered with 1.4-liter atmospheric version. Hyundai i20 1.0 T-GDI is offered for sales with TL67, 900. Onder Goker, Director General of Hyundai Assan, said; “While we support our 20th anniversary production with proud and enthusiasm through our special version automobiles with full of innovations and various activities during the year, at the same time we also aim to strengthen our competitiveness and brand image more. Our believe is full to win the admiration of our customers as well as shed light to the success of i10 and i20 through competitive equipment and price combination.”

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