New Bus Of Otokar Introduced In Europe

Turkish bus manufacturer Otokar launched its new 10 meter midi coach Ulyso at the recent Busworld Europe exposition. Otokar, a Koc Group company, showed five vehicles during the exhibition

Otokar General Manager Serdar Gorguc expressed that Vectio T, the company’s first vehicle in the 10-meter class, has been one of the most popular coaches in intercity and tourism transportation since its debut. The operators’ priority is to achieve efficient transportation with advantageous operating costs; so the company renewed the Vectio T medium size coach considering the users’ needs. The Ulyso T, also in the 10-meter segment, was designed to provide more comfort, higher passenger capacity, and optimum operating costs. With a powerful engine, low fuel consumption, high level comfort delivering quality, low operating costs.

Having driven primarily in over 40 countries in Europe, Otokar launched ULYSO which has been developed by the demand from the sector at Busworld.

“ULYSO will boost passenger satisfaction”

Indicating DORUK T in 10 m length class had achieved to become one of the most favorite vehicles of intercity and tourism transport since first day offered to the market, Serdar Gorguc, Director General of Otokar, said; “We have renewed our DORUK T bus in line with expectation and needs of the transport companies. In the past months we offered DORUK T bus to the Turkish market, now we are offering the bus under the name ULYSO to admiration of the European market. Having developed to ensure more comfort, higher transport capacity and optimum operation costs, the new DORUK T will boost passenger satisfaction in both Europe and Europe.”

“We continue to grow in Europe”

Evaluating the European bus market, Serdar Gorguc said; “In the first 8 months, as the bus market constricted in the countries such as Turkey, the UK, Ireland, France, the market has grown in Germany, Spain and Italy. Regarding narrowing domestic market, the Turkish bus manufacturers have accelerated the export works. In the last 4 years, Turkey’s bus exports increased 39 percent. In the first 8 months this year, the bus exports obtained 8 percent rise.”

Reminding Otokar has strengthened its position in the current market with its wide product gamut, spread sales and aftersales network, Görguc said; “1 out of 3 small and medium sized buses sold was Otokar in the first 3 quarter of 2017. We have continued our leadership in this segment. We have increased our turnover 39 percent in H12017 over the same period last year, 21 percent of the turnover worth TL960 million from the exports. In Europe, first being France; Italy, Spain and Belgium were our primary markets. In recent two year, our TERRITO and KENT buses took place in primary preferences in fleet purchasing.”

Highlighting Otokar had continued its works in alternative fuels, Serdar Gorguc also recorded Otokar was managing the works in “smart transport technologies” in the global dimension.

He concluded; “Within last 10 years, we allocated 4% of our turnover to R & D studies. When look at the future trends in automotive we see that more eco-friendly, more confident, and smarter transport systems are emerging. Until today, having achieved firsts such as hybrid bus and first electric bus of Turkey, we as the company, have also wanted to be pioneer in trusted and smart transport systems. Unfortunately, in our country 183 thousand traffic accidents resulting death and injuries every year and 89% of these stem from drivers. We wanted to reduce this rate via our smart buses. For this reason together with our business partners we have joined CoMoSeF project in the scope of Euroka Celtic-Plus program.”

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