New Age Diesel Common Rail Injectors

Untitled-1“We produced and sold 1200 test benches to the entire world and trained them in our training center”

Common Rail injectors are the most expensive and easily damaged parts of cars and trucks. We cannot permit to throw these CR injectors to waste. They can be remanufactured easily by DAYEL test benches after 1 week training. “As a president of Dayel Makına A.Ş. I spent my life 48 years in aftersales services for electronic and mechanic. 11 years in Turkish Navy shipyard Golcuk, 5 years in Philips TV factory Tupko Çorlu, 6 years in Honeywell Information systems Eltek Istanbul, 16 years Bosch Automotive Istanbul, 10 years in Dayel test bench factory Istanbul.” So if the aftersales service is low quality or expensive for all vehicles they cannot sell these cars anymore. In these crises years, we cannot change every injector with new brands. The solution: We have a factory to produce for remanufacture test benches to save them. We have a training center to teach how to repair them. We have a spare part sale department for all nozzles, valves and etc. We produced and sold 1200 test benches to the entire world and trained them in our training center. We provide to save billions of Euros up to now because of remanufacturing.

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