Moroccan Market Fits For Turkish Supplier Industry

Paying a visit to the Moroccan market as the Turkish supplier industrialists, Omer Burhanoglu said Turkish supplier industrialists would like to invest in market abroad

The automotive supplier industrialists who would like to globalize market abroad, in this scope the Moroccan market is very appropriate, Omer Burhanoglu said, deputy Chairman of Uludag Automotive Industry Exporters Association (OIB).

Burhanoglu said, “Turkey’s automotive exports to Morocco have been in upward trend since 2012 onwards. The Moroccan market is a very fit market for the Turkish supplier industrialists who would like to globalize by investing in market abroad. Turkey’s automotive exports to Morocco have increased twofold within 5 years”

According to the statement from the OIB, on 2-5 October, a Turkish trade committee has obtained information about investment opportunities visiting the automotive city and industry zone in the port city of Tangier the nearest city to Europe.

Burhanoglu said Morocco was an alternative market for the Turkish automotive industry with its population of 34 million and gradually increasing automotive industry, as well as significant export base directed towards West African countries.

Pointing out Tangier was one of the attraction centers of the world automotive firms, Burhanoglu; “Supports up to 20% in land allocation and tax advantages draw attention in Tangier locating at the southern side of Gibraltar strait and increasing its container shipping every year to Spain. In this scope, the foremost supplier industrial firms’ investments have been in the city. Currently having production facility of Renault, also Peugeot will install plant in 2018 in Morocco.”

Reminding the automotive industries have guided the supplier industries investing in Morocco, Burhanoglu recorded; “All features in the city of Tangier and Morocco make a crucial alternative market for the Turkish automotive firms. Morocco is an appropriate place for the globalizing supplier industries. Tukey’s automotive exports to Morocco have been uninterruptedly in increasing trend since 2012 to date. As the exports were $243 million in 2012, in 2016 the exports increased 17 percent to $353 million year on year. Of these exports, $159 million was the automotive sector as $114 million the passenger cars, $63 million special purpose vehicles and $13 million consisting of bus-minibus-coaches. In January-August 2017, the sector exports to Morocco became $246 million. We believe that our committee visit to Morocco will contribute positively to the exports.”

Nearly half of the automotive imports of the country composed of passenger cars. The supplier industry imports are some $600 million. The vehicle number per 1000 people is 104 units. Regarding Free Trade Agreement between Turkey and Morocco customs duty and co-effected taxes for the Moroccan originated goods were removed.

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