Luxury Car Sales Up 3.2 Percent In H1

The passion of luxury car is continuing in Turkey as well as across the world. The sales of luxury and ultra-luxury cars increased 3.2 percent to the number of over 13 thousand units in the first half this year compared with the same period previous year in Turkey. The prices of the vehicles reach by million dollars in terms of the brand and model. According to the information compiled from the data prepared by Turkish Automotive Distributors Association (OOD), the sales of E segment (luxury) and F segment (ultra- luxury) automobiles have reached by the number of 13,248 with 3.2 percent increase in the first half this year over the same period last year. In the first half this year, the number of luxury vehicles increased 1.9 percent and reached by 10,865 units, as for the ultra-luxury automobiles raised by 2,383 units with 9.7 percent growth. The sales of luxury and ultra-luxury automobiles, which take place among indispensability of fond of technology, design and speed, maintained the increase in the first half this year. This year in the first half, 16 Aston Martins, 2 Bentleys, 12 Ferraris, 1 Infiniti, 116 Jaguars, 3 Lamborghinis, 8 Lexus, 22 Maserati and 338 Porsches were sold. Last year, 1 Bentley, 5 Ferraris, 1 Infiniti, 96 Jaguars, 6 Lamborghinis, 1 Lexus, 32 Maserati and 282 Porches were sold. The most sold brands in luxury and ultra-luxury were Mercedes-Benz with 4,517 units, BMW with 4,111, Audi with 1590 units and Land Rover with 1082 units respectively in the first half this year.

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